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It's been four long years since Simon & Garfunkel's final tour but this disturbing robotic simulacrum should give comfort for those hankering for the octogenarian folk-rock duo's soothing melodies. I'm excited to announce a new exhibition of sound and mechanical automation at Antenna in April. The private view is on Saturday the 16th of April, from 6-9pm. Opening Hours Friday/Saturday 4-7 pm, Sunday 2-5pm.

I've created a sound installation of automated chimes, video and PAR lighting for the launch event of Mark Wagner's 12" S☉n Rise / S☉n Of The Sun organised by 33-33 is taking place at MKII in Clapton on February the 12th. It will feature a ceremonial live show produced in collaboration with the artists; Kat Hanula, Ross Adams and Agathe Max. As well as ritual performances by The Seer (Conny Prantera) and Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White).

Story Teller

I have a third Storyteller cassette coming out soon on Adaadat, 'Field of Upturned Sheep' is an incredible occult thriller of rural depravity, an electro-acoustic spoken word cassette collaboration between myself writer & occasional filmmaker Bruce McClure. The illustrations were again provided by Chris Wright of Turbo Island.

Pictured above is a serialised dystopian short story by Storyteller called 'Gates of London', taking the form of a series of framed reproduction cigarette cards prints. Shown seperately, with each pair situated adjacent too a particular threshold, they are going to be featured in a group show at Gallery 46 called Can We Ever Know the meaning of These Objects?. The exhibition will run from July 8th til the 22nd, also including work by the following artists; Associated Clay Workers Union (Helen Carr, Sarah Christie, Duncan Hooson and Annette Welch, Diane Eagles, Alison Cooke, Danuta Solowiej, Stephanie Buttle, Jo Pearl, Raewyn Harrison, Jane Millar), Eleanor Bowen, Sean Dower, Field Notes, Bruce Gilchrist, Caroline Gregory, Luke Jordan, Miyuki Kasahara, Yev Kazannik, Marq Kearey, Calum F Kerr, Lisa McKendrick, Pol Mclernon, Sean McLusky, Kevin Quigley, Victoria Rance, James Roseveare, Martin Sexton, Sarah Sparkes, Ian Thompson, Inga Tillere, Marianne Walker, Phill Wilson-Perkin and Mary Yacoob.

I've created a sound & video installation called 'Melting Potentiometers'. It's a plunderphonic mashup of all of the flags of the world combined with all of it's national anthems, that will be featured as part of a live-art event called Mystery Cult #5 taking place at Hoxton Gallery on December 5th. The event will include a performance involving; Lisa McKendrick, Calum F Kerr, Warren Conlon, Tim Drage and Kevin Quigley. as well as live harp from Jemima Phillips.

'Director's Commentary' is a 20 minute cinéma vérité techno deconstruction of Bruce McClures feature film ' District Nurse', that I created for Liminality (Start Dreaming) at Gallery 46, originally broadcast on July 16th.

In 1994 the Scottish artist Ross Sinclair had the words 'Real Life' tattooed across his back. The tattoo went on to feature prominently, and define much of his work produced over the subsequent decades. My new installation also called 'Real Life' was broadcast live from Gallery 46 as part of a series of live transmissions called Liminality - Start Dreaming on June the 11th. It featured a simulacrum of Ross Sinclair, currently living its realest life in the gardens behind the gallery, unperturbed by the lockdown because unlike the 'Real' Ross Sinclair this version doesn't have mucus membranes or respiratory tract and is therefore completely unaffected by Covid 19.

I have just completed a new Storyteller video piece with Bruce McClure. Produced during the lockdown 'Containment' is a topical tale chronicling the hazards of 5G signals and familial murder torture via the medium of a ventriloquised aspidistra plant. It was broadcast live first at Gallery 46 on May 7th as part of a series of live transmissions called Liminality - Start Dreaming.


I'm going to be taking part in a 26 turntable locked groove orchestra at Psyché Tropes Projected Music 5-Inch release party at The Old Baths on November the 29th. The event will also feature performances by Sculpture, Janek Schaefer and Mariam Rezaei. The turntable orchestra will include; A’Bear, Arran Bolders, Ben Rodgers, Billy Pleasant, Blanca Regina, Chloe Frieda, Chris Thomas Allen, Dan Hayhurst, Daniel WJ MacKenzie, DJ Food, Graham Dunning, Hems, Horton Jupiter, Janek Schaefer, Lia Mice, Mariam Rezaei , Merkaba Macabre, Odd Lust, Pierre Bouvier Patron, Rado Bogasch, Reuben Sutherland, Robin The Fog, Spatial, Tida Bradshaw and Tom Richards.

Story Teller

I have a second Storyteller, cassette coming out soon on Adaadat, 'Project R.O.Y.' is a Lovecraftian travelogue detailing a family man's decent into madness, while in search of a mythical being. Imagine a dystopian parallel universe populated solely with millions of Arab Strap clones, capable of producing only broken machine music. The illustrations were again provided by Chris Wright of Turbo Island.


Chollima Chollima

On October the 19th Storyteller are going to be performing at the launch party for the new Elephant House 12" 'Chollima', which is taking place at The Old Baths in Hackney Wick, including live performances from Elephant House, Mücha, Shex, Oilmen and Damn Dirty Duke. The Launch coincides with the closing of an exhibition at the same location. A group show featuring works by friends of Elephant House including; Oliver Baggott, Charlotte CHW, Rupert Cole, Marcin Filip Cybulski, Christos Fanaras, Justin Fink, John Franklin-Higgins, M.K. Hauser, Bjørn Hatleskog, Rosy Leadly-Watkins, Bruce McClure, Daniel O'Sullivan, Reuben Sutherland,, Momoko Suzuki, Charles Tepasse, Unobjectifyme & Cathy Ward. The exhibition runs from October 12th till the 19th.

supernormal supernormal

Storyteller are going to be performing at this years Supernormal festival 2nd-4th of August at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire.

temporal impressions

A Storyteller video installation is going to be included in a group exhibition I'm co-curating called Liminality (Temporal Impressions) at Gallery 46 running from the 4th-30th of July. It's the fourth in the series of exhibitions featuring cross-disciplinary works – featuring performance, sound installations, sculptural installations, experimental music and film exploring ideas around time, consciousness and modes of perceived reality. The exhibition features performances and artworks by; Lisa Busby, Jake Chapman, Rupert Cole, Rose Dagul, Eden Girma, Florencia Guerberof, Guy Harries, John Harries, Dan Hayhurst, Seulgi Kang, Calum F. Kerr, Andrew Lisle, Field Notes, Lucy Oates, James Roseveare, Wojciech Rusin, Shenggy Shen, Reuben Sutherland, Phill Wilson-Perkin and Mary Yacoob.

Story Teller

I have a cassette coming out soon on Adaadat for a new project called Storyteller, a collaboration with writer & occasional filmmaker Bruce McClure. Which tells the story of a King in Waiting (loosely based on HRH The Prince of Wales) who embarks on a sadomasochistic relationship with a sentient Aspidistra Plant. Think Fifty shades of Grey crossed with Day of the Triffids. It is that is presented in cassette form in homage to their namesake (the nineteen 80's magazine and tape series published by Marshall Cavendish). This audiowork was originally produced for an exhibition called Liminality (Cacophany) that took place from the 17th-19th of August at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel. The illustrations were provided by Chris Wright of Turbo Island.


I'm taking part in a Live-Art exhibition called Liminality 3 [Cacophany] at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel. I'll be showing a 'Radio Drama' inspired multichannel sound installation called 'The stubborn organic emblem of social and biological survival', produced in collaboration with Bruce Mcclure. Cacophany runs from August 17th-19th and features numerous performances & installations from the like of; Full Body Scan (Kenichi Iwasa and guests), Primordial Soup, Vic Godard (Subway Sect), Elephant House, Kristy Allison and the Children of the Burning Sun, Dolly Dolly, Michael Shaw, Hylopath, Time Attendant, Rothko, Howlround, Stephanie Horak, Field Notes (Band of Holy Joy), Luke Jordan, Joel Cahen, Joris Beets, Marlo Eggplant, Gorenidal, Cementimental and Ruido.

Bang Face

I have a new 'Strobe Sequencer' that I will be debuting at Bang Face Weekender in Pontins, Southport, on Sunday March 18th . I'm performing in Miracle Beam which is part of the Chinstroke TV programme. Miracle Beam is hosted by Company Fuck and Le Couteau Jaune, and will also include contributions from Poppy Cox, Bruce Mcclure, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Foxdye, MC Spilly Tea, Yudlugar, Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah, Fat Frumos and Monster Zoku Onsomb.

Liminality 2

Above is a video of a new sound installation called 'Perpetual Eldritch Jellyfish', it is a hanging structure that utilises automated bar chimes and tubular bells. It is going to included in a group show called Liminality 2 (The Unknown) at Tickner, McLusky, Bell & Young's Gallery 46 on Ashwin Street in Whitechapel, London. The exhibition also features installations and performances from Alice Colley, Astral Social Club, Disinformation, English Heretic , Flange Zoo, Luke Jordan, Mary Yacoob, Medium-Ship, Meltaot, Mysterium, Phill Wilson-Perkin, Pól McLernon, Wuzza Conlon, Rosalind Fowler, Sex Cells, Stanley Schtinter, Teleplasmiste, Hylopath and Tom Wildblood.

coastal current

I have an interactive sound installation/generative sound piece titled 'Uncanny Valet' shown featured at this years Coastal Currents Festival in Hastings. The festival will also features works by Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Zeroh, Tom Dale, Fiona Grady, Guy Bigland, La Verita Dance Company, Riz Maslen and Louise Ashcroft. It is being curated by Sweet and Dandy and Caleb Madden. My work will be featured at the opening party which will take place on September 1st at St Mary in the Castle, entry is free and it runs from 8pm till 11pm.

Rotodrum Gallery 46

I have new work included in a group show titled 'Liminality (Beyond the Threshold)' at Tickner, McLusky, Bell & Young's Gallery 46 on Ashwin Street in Whitechapel, London. The exhibition features installations and performances from Sean Dower, Caleb Madden, Field Notes, Elephant House, English Heretic, Ingrid Plumb, Pól McLernon, Michael Shaw, Kevin Quigley, Isn'tses, Aka Matador and Xylitol. The opening is on June 1st from 6pm until 10pm. The exhibition runs until the June 10th.


On Sunday the 2nd of October I'm taking part in an exhibition at the Islington Mill in Manchester, as part of Mark Wagner's residency there which also serves as the launch for his Chosen Frequencies DVD due for release on Adaadat in October. The event will also feature a Sound bath from Lani Rocillo and music for meditation from Ahrkh / Wagner.


On Sunday the 18th of May I'll be performing an all new set at Cafe Oto. I'll be playing with DunningWebsterUnderwood and Rutger Hauser. DJ Larry Foster will also be providing turntable based entertainment.

Door Into The Dark

On April 29th and 30th I'm going to be doing a collaborative performance/installation with the Poet/Film Maker Bruce McClure. as part of a theatre production called Door Into The Dark at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton. The event will also feature performances and installations from Kevin Quigley, Wuzza Conlon, Alice Colley, FIS, Guy XY, Kelly Warman, Karl Gallivan, Will Loftie, Erin Warman and Megan Gordon. Turntable based entertainment will be provided in the bar area on the 29th by DJ Larry Foster and DJ 5'4", and on the 30th by DJ Tendraw and The Gypsies Dog.

Honey Moon

On Saturday the 27th of February I'll be showing a new installation called 'Quintland' as part of an Adaadat event at Honey Moon on Hackney Road. The nite will also feature live music from Theory Samidare Oranges an improvising ensemble featuring Kaya Kamijo (Kayaka), Becky Davies, Geraldine McEwan, Rebecca Horrox, Marie Roux and Anina. As well as Rutger Hauser and Christos Fanaras. DJ Suavemente will be playing records.

Trade & Distribution Almanac Vol. 5

I have a track called 'Squatchee Embellishment' featured on a forthcoming Adaadat compilation CD titled 'Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume Five'. The compilation also features tracks by Howlround, San Moritzz, Bernard Grancher, Rutger Hauser, Company Fuck, Jefferson Aircrash, Mark Wagner, Jaime Genovart, Atom Truck, The Balls Bros, oMMM, Naturalisamo, The One He Couldn't Save, Legsss, Medulla Mactabile Maculae, Alan Courtis, Christos Fanaras, Eniac and Matthew Prain. You can get more information and listen to the tracks here.

Above is a video of a Hermann Nitsch inspired harmonium installation titled 'Henry the 8x8' which was shown at New River Studios in Manor House, North London on Saturday the 24th of October. The exhibition was part of an event which also featured live music from The Doubtful Guest (Planet Mu, Seed, Adaadat), Elephant House (Adaadat), Larry Foster (Popita Carmos), Echoes...Leytonstone (This Is A Noise Label) and Dj 5'4".

On Thursday the 6th of August i'm taking part in an art event called Avant Primitivism taking place at St Marks Church in Dalston. My contribution is an installation titled 'Dweller on the Threshold' produced in collaboration with Kevin Quigley. The event will also feature live performances from Elephant House, The Hawkline Monster and Jack Allett. It runs from 6pm til 10pm and entry is free.

Dear Serge

On Saturday the 15th of November i'll be taking part in a art event called Dear Serge at the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill. The other artists featured include Cieciura/De Sousa, Non-Blank (Oliver Cherer and Riz Maslen), Lynn Dennison, Margarita Gluzberg and Owen Thomas. I'll be showing a new installation which involves the liberal application of reed organs, in addition to some sporadic live improvisations together with Christos Fanaras. The event runs from 12 till 6pm and entry is free.

Bespoke Action Plantation

I have a new album called 'Bespoke Action Plantation' coming out shortly on Adaadat. All the sounds present were generated through a series of experiments I conducted over the last few years in the development of my sound installation work. The recordings which involve amongst other things electromagnetic interference, processed feedback, solenoid percussion and prepared guitar, were subsequently edited and layered.

My Installation from the Fractal Meat Cuts album Launch at MKII Fractal Meat Cuts Vol. 1

I also have a track featured on a new compilation CD called Fractal Meat Cuts Volume One it is a collection of live sessions from Graham Dunning's show on NTS called Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone. It also features tracks by Thibault Autheman, Tom White, Shelley Parker, Leslie Deere, ASS, Flange Zoo, Ryan Jordan, Cullllt, Mark & Sals Thoughtography , Jo Thomas, Stereocila, Jess Rowland and Uru Ana. It is available now on Adaadat, you can read the first review here. Above is a photo of my installation from the launch party, which took place at MKII in Clapton on December the 7th.


On Friday the 6th of June i'll be taking part in a Swords & Sandals themed extravaganza celebrating the release of Masters's debut vinyl LP on Adaadat. Imagine Conan riding on Jodorowsky's back to meet the Wizard Of Oz who is helping midwife Ennio Morricone's labour for a strange Goblin!

MaSterS will play live joined by special guests: Shenggy Shen, Kenichi Iwasa, Mark Wagner, Graham Dunning and myself. The event will also feature live sets by Elephant House, Mark Dicker and a very special cymatic solo set by Mark Wagner. DJ sets will be provided Shintaro Taketani & Ollie Baggott, Haroob Mullick and Black Impulse's Heather and Kevin. We will also be celebrating with our friends from the Abraxus Journal for the launch of their new blog.

Record Players

I have a track featured on a new compilation released by Open Sound Group. It features artists using turntables or records in their sound making processes, and contains exclusive tracks from: Strotter Inst., Vinyl Terror & Horror, Henry Holmes, Graham Dunning, JD Zazie, Janek Schaefer, Cullllt, Matthew Lee Knowles, Chris Mann, Sarah Farmer, Marius and Tom White. You can listen to it via the player above or download the album for free here.


On Monday the 12th of May i'll be doing a performance/installation at Behold at the Club at the Ivy in Soho, association with the Nunnery Gallery, a multi-discipline arts event showcasing innovative and challenging work beyond the confines of a traditional arts setting. The event runs from 7 till 11pm.

Behold features video and installation work by Gordon Cheung, Ulu Braun, Tessa Garland, Jon Monaghan, Joey Holder, James Howard, Doug Burton, Clare Mitten and Alana Lake. Avant-garde theatre pioneers the Theo Adams Company will present live music and spontaneous moments of glamour and visual excitement throughout the space for the duration of the evening. Sound artists completely re-imagine the sonic environment with Archos transforming the terrace and Bjørn Hatleskog's otherworldly live sound/light sculpture invading the luxurious setting. Live performance art by Julia Haynes and an exclusive multimedia assault by Ze Æs (the new project fronted by Martin Tomlinson, formerly of cult group Selfish Cunt) ensure this evening will be like nothing else in your diary.

Chocolate Menta Mastic & Mountains of Mayonnaise

In January have two releases coming out on Adaadat . The first 'Mountains of Mayonnaise' is an album of H.P. Lovecraft inspired harsh noise music. All the tracks featured were created using the no-input mixer technique popularised by Toshimaru Nakamura. The mixer in question a Behringer: EURORACK MX1604A was destroyed in the process. The second is a reissue of a compilation of harsh electronic music called 'Chocolate Menta Mastic' originally released in 2001. It also features tracks by Lasse Marhaug, S. Isabella, Reverbaphon, Tormod Mor, Joshua Norton Cabal and Poly Only. On Friday the 10th of January I'll be doing a live session on the Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone radio programme on NTS, the show runs from 8 till 10am and can be listened to on-line. The show will also feature an Adaadat showcase with new tracks by Ommm, DJ Topgear, Horatio Pollard, Greypetcat and myself.

Romvelope at S.H.A.P.E.

I've just completed an installation for S.H.A.P.E Gallery, It's a slowmotion miniaturised homage to Haroon Mirza's radio and bulb piece, it consists of a radio attached to a miniature turntable rotating next to a CFL bulb, and produces a slow hypnotic oscillating feedback sound.

Romvelope Catomountain b/w Hodmandon 7 Inch

I have a new 7" record pressed, it features the tracks Catomountain and Hodmandod, and is due for release on Adaadat soon, and will be distributed by Cargo Records. One of the tracks is also featured on the next Wire Tapper CD available on August edition of Wire magazine. This record has been reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes and Bad Sounds Magazine. You can listen to it via the Soundcloud widget above.

Romvelope in the Wire

I've got a track featured on the latest Wire Tapper CD available with the August edition of The Wire ...

Romvelope at Burgh House

On July the 10th I'll be performing at the private view for Magic under a Moonless Sky an exhibition of new works by Kevin Quigley at Burgh House in Hampstead. I will be performing with some of my contraptions in a piece entitled D.V.M.A. (Discount Viscount Miscount Account). The installation will be accompanied with live improvisations from musicians Colin Webster and Jussi Brightmore. Colin Webster is a saxophonist from London who has performed with some of the key figures in free jazz and improvised music, including Archie Shepp, Joe Bowie, Steve Noble and Alex Ward, he is also a member of electro band Chik Budo. Jussi Brightmore is a musician and an artist who plays in of the experimental avant rock band Gum Takes Tooth. The event runs from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. A recording of the performance can be listened to via the Soundcloud widget above.

Romvelope at Catch

On April the 24th I'll be doing a performance at Drone at Catch with Occult Hardware and Winnie The Poove, and DJ's Venice Calypso, Jack France and Justinas Vilutis. The concert coincides with an exhibition called Machine Dream featuring artists Alana Lake and Rckay Rax. Above you can find a video of my Fluorescent Noise Pyramid installation, similar to what was installed at Catch.

My latest 7" was critiqued in the April edition of The Wire magazine..

On Thursday the 28th I will be exhibiting at Works on Paper taking place at 30 Kings Bench Street SE1. Its open for one night only and runs from 7-9pm. Other artists showing include Sophie Baker, Rory Beard, Clare Chapman, Jeff Dyson, Lucy Homer, Polly Huggett, Peter Lynch, Justine Melford-Colegate, Kate MacTiernan, Emer O’Brien, Augusta Ogilvy, Anna Reading, Robert Rivers, Ixone Sadaba and Pablo Smidt. Above is a short video of the installation and below that a longer live audio recording.

Romvelope at Contentious One

On Sunday the 17th of March I will be doing a performance along with Andrea Ling, Gluen bajon & Yasmin Moghaddan and Dance Circuits. At Contentious One taking place at 17-20 Parr Street, London N1 7ET. The event runs from 2-6pm. Entry is Free. Above you can find a video clip of a work in progress provisionally entitled Busilacchio Breakout.

Romvelope Catomountain b/w Hodmandon 7 Inch

My new 7" record has been pressed, it features the tracks Fanfaronade and Afterclap, and is due for release on ADAADAT on November the 12th, and will be distributed by CARGO RECORDS. It's the first in a series, i'm currently putting the finishing touches on the second one. You can listen to one of the tracks via the SOUNDCLOUD widget above.

On Saturday the 6th of October my installation work will be featured in 'Does Dark Matter?' curated by Cosmic Mega Brain. The venue is 29 New Inn Yard, Reliance Square London EC2A 3EY, doors open at 7pm.

Following on from the successful launch of its series T.R.I.A.L., Cosmicmegabrain is pleased to announce the second in the cycle of events, titled Does Dark Matter? Taking place on Saturday 6th October at a unique venue in Shoreditch, the scientific wonders of the universe will be examined by artists whose work relates to various scientific concepts. The laws governing gravity, sound, light and magnetism will all be explored through film, performance and installation. Artists featured include Bálint Bolygó, Emily Candela, Ronin Cho, Davide D’Elia, Roberto Ekholm, Goodbye Leopold, Andy Holden with Tyler Woolcott, Janina Lange, Romvelope, Aura Satz and Semiconductor. 7:00pm –10.30pm: live performances and screenings. After Party Hosted by NTS. You can find a review of the evenings proceedings on

Romvelope, Bjorn Hatleskog

The video above is an edited outtake from my performance earlier this year at the 2012 Kinetica Artfair. It features to date the only live outing so far for my Basil Brush illuminated statuette. Thanks to Hatt Reiss for filming the footage. For more information on the performance can be found on the Kinetica website.

Romvelope, Bjorn Hatleskog

I'm providing music for Emer O'Brien's installation 'Return to Normal' at Infernoesque in Berlin from July 27th to the 29th. The sculpture demonstrates the principles of the standing wave in physics by visualising audio signals as flame, the video above shows the installation in action.

On September the 27th I will be taking part in a live broadcast of 'Return to Normal' at Co/Lab special programme at the Art Platform art fair in L.A.

Romvelope, Bjorn Hatleskog

On May the 2nd I will be taking part a Dante's Inferno inspired live art action titled 'Traversing the Spirit', as part of the On Spiritualism Festival at the Apiary Studios. Performing alongside Warren Conlon, Graham Dunning, Jane Munro, Rebecca Brogue, Kevin Quigley and Calum F Kerr. The video above shows my contibution.

Romvelope at Traversing the Spirtits..

Above you will find a video of my new sound installation setup, consisting of a pair of modified voltage switching Fisher Price turntables, electromagnetic interference producing toilet seats, a self-strumming guitar, robotic percussion and flourescent lighting. The sound you can hear is the amplified electromagnetic interference from the lights. Recordings from this installation will be released on a series of 7" records on Adaadat Records.

I've provided the soundtrack for a film by Mark Aerial Waller entitled The Flipside of Darkness part of a video installation trilogy called Resistance Domination Secret, which is being shown at Nicoletta Rusconi in Milan from September 16th till November 5th. It was previously shown at Cell Project Space in London.

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