Adaadat is a 'polyamorous' London based record label focused on developing brownfield music which retains a dissonant and superannuated aesthetic. Founded in 2002 by Angus Keith and Bjørn Hatleskog, it is best known for releasing a wide range of Experimental Electronic, Breakcore, Chiptune and Noise music. Adaadat was named 'Label of the Month' by John Peel shortly before his death in April 2004. Adaadat is distributed worldwide by Cargo Records.


Q. How can I get a hold of Adaadat MP3's?

A. We don't sell MP3's... However the entire Adaadat back catalogue can be streamed or downloaded from our site.
    Simply click on the individual track titles.

Q. How can I find out about upcoming Events and Releases?

A. You can either send an email to the address above with "Add me to the Adaadat Mailing List" as the title, to receive our sporadic news emails. Or follow the Adaadat Records on Twitter.

Q. Can I send Adaadat a demo?

A. Yes demos are appreciated. Links can be emailed to the address above. But please be aware that we may take a while to repond
    as we currently have a large backlog..

Q. Do you sell wholesale to Distributors/Record Shops?

A. Yes please send an email to the address above for wholesale rates.

Q. I run a small distro/label do you trade releases?

A. Yes please send an email to the address above.

Q. How many artists do you work with? / How much music have you released?

A. As of August 2015 Adaadat have released 432 songs by 96 artists with a duration of 1 day and 23 minutes and 8 seconds.

Selected Press

Richard Allen, Various Artists - Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume Four, A Closer Listen.
Ian McQuaid, Adaadat duo Masters to release more 'imaginary film music', Ransom Note.
Carri Mundane, The Seeds of The New Breed, ID, No. 270.
Kevin Soar, Always Check the Label: Adaadat, Dazed & Confused, Vol. 2, No.55.
Frances May Morgan, Under The Radar: Excavating the UK's new electronic underground, Plan B, No 9.
Scot Cotterell, KFC Core by DJ Scotch Egg , Cyclic Defrost, No. 14.
Tom Brady, Catomountain by Romvelope, Bad Sounds Magazine, No. 19.
Dr Parsons, The Joys of Noise, Bizarre Magazine, No. 110.
Ed Chamberlin, Testing the Equipment by Ommm, Spannered.
Adam Kennedy, The scrambled sounds of DJ Scotch Egg, Metro.
Narinder Purba, Gay Against You sends out righteous signals, Dazed Digital.
Sacha Kosch, Schnapp'Den Groove, De:Bug, No. 91.
Grant Purdum, Catomountain by Romvelope, Tiny Mix Tapes, Cerberus.
Marcelle Van Hoof, One Course Meal, Gonzo Circus, No. 66.
Tom Smith, Incredibly Terrible Music, Bananafish, No. 14.
Howard Shih, Cow'p vs Kema Keur, Grooves, No. 10.
Jonson Walker, Sample Bitch Story by Doddodo, Gigwise.
Hari Kunzru, Trade and Distribution Almanac Vol 1., Wallpaper, No. 58.
Byron Coley, Fanfaronade by Romvelope, The Wire, No. 350.
Joe Sparrow, Todays New Band - Agaskodo Teliverek, A New Band a Day.
Taylor Glasby, Who the hell are.. Cutting Pink With Knives, Disorder Magazine, No. 18.
John Brainlove, Trash Trash Noise Next Door, Drowned in Sound.
Theydon Bois, Testing the Equipment by Ommm, Vice Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 8.
Alex Boniwell, KFC Core by DJ Scotch Egg, Terrorizer, No. 136.


Ouïedire, Adaadat - Superannuated Brownfield Mix, Radio Campus, Canal B, Choq, Radio Eponyme & Radio Capsule.
One World, Adaadat Label Showcase, BBC Radio 1.
The Take Away Tape, Lesbian Croissant Jesuit Mix, Sound Art Radio 102.5 FM.
Today, A guide to the artistic underground, BBC Radio 4.
John Peel, Label of the month , BBC Radio 1.
You are Hear, Live Session, Resonance FM.