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Bespoke Action Plantation ROMVELOPE - Bespoke Action Plantation - ADA0036

01. bespoke action plantation
02. fanfaronade
03. busilacchio breakout
04. four million nirvana fans
05. bay area of pigs
06. ambrosial pavillion
07. zenzizenzizenzic
08. hodmandod
09. childrens marching song
10. phantom fleet
11. hertzian snow cone

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Bespoke Action Plantation' is a new album from Bjørn Hatleskog aka ROMVELOPE. A mostly ambient exploration of feedback loops, noise and electromagnetic interference. You can view the online press release here.

"Romvelope provide an intensely satisfying conglomeration of chopped bits and diced pieces. Dissolve any notion of random button-pushing, and dissuade yourself from assuming you’ve pinned this one down until the final non-notes pass by…" TINY MIX TAPES

"It makes sense to me that the amount of cacophony churned out by noisesome experimentalist ROMVELOPE (otherwise known as Bjørn Hatleskog), must surely have its origins in the infernal cacophone. But as any well-grounded cove surely knows, this instrument does not exist in our dimension and we are thankfully spared its terrible beauty." PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE

Fractal Meat Cuts Volume One FRACTAL MEAT CUTS - Volume One - ADA0035

01. thibault autheman - untitled
02. tom white - untitled
03. shelley parker - apiary
04. ass - chiming (excerpt)
05. leslie deere - i-80
06. flange zoo - david cameron rat lung
07. ryan jordan - untitled
08. cullllt - cascade
09. mark & sals thoughtography - untitled
10. jo thomas - untitled
11. stereocilia - untitled
12. romvelope - acoustic love ballad
13. jess rowland - sounds from the studio
14. uru ana - recitation (excerpt)

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Fractal Meat Cuts Volume One' is a compilation of audio experiments featured on 'Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone' a fortnightly show programmed and presented by Graham Dunning and broadcast live on NTS a London based online radio station. These tracks are edits of live sessions for Fractal Meat played in the NTS studio and a concert at Apiary Studios. You can view the online press release here.

"The Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone show has been running on NTS for around three years now; a platform for the musical outer limits run by artist and musician Graham Dunning. This compilation is pretty varied, and there is something for everyone; provided that everyone likes their music on the experimental side." FREQ

Horacio Pollard HORACIO POLLARD - The Emotional Freedom Technique - ADA0034

01. admission cue
02. aquiline vision
03. speculation framing
04. harpoons entry point
05. corner strap
06. alert balls
07. frosts sierra
08. jupiters grain e
09. the emotional freedom technique
10. thereputer

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'The emotional freedom technique & the theta brainwave amplitude caused by manta ray' is a new album of psychedelic weirdness from Berlin based "Half English, half Argentine "noise-eccentric" Leon "HORACIO POLLARD" Barnett. You can view the online press release here.

"Armed with a Korg DDD1 sampler / drum machine, he delivers here an exhilarating avalanche of distorted jams filled with heavy analogue riffs, hypnotic jazzy grooves and fierce noise-drenched rhymes. DISSECTING TABLE meets THE RESIDENTS meets GODFLESH or tribal industrial funk at its most devastating!" ROUGH TRADE

"Horacio Pollard is an overlooked genius of experimental noise... Unlike some inane noisy types, Pollard doesn't neglect the structure and he keeps his poisonous eruptions very listenable." THE SOUND PROJECTOR

Maxi Bacon MAXI BACON - Maci Baxon - ADA0033

01. enabled midget clown death
02. bang-boom-a-bang
03. analchemy
04. yourownhealthandthhealthofthoseyouloveissomething

05. atchoum da chipmonk
06. a666 tamagotchihunter pikootee raper gnochi cooker
pouik wheeler kuchipatchi trasher

07. careless sniffle
08. yogatocaoba
09. licheebarf

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Maci Baxon' is a new album from MAXI BACON the collaboration between Freeka Tet and Scott Sinclair (aka Company Fuck). Equally inspired by computer glitch, grindcore, breakcore, cartoon music, and karaoke, Maxi Bacon serve up an electrified meat-punch to the brain with random collages of screaming digital nonsense and mass audio confusion. You can view the online press release here.

"Scott Sinclair is Company Fuck, which is a 'one-man noisecore karaoke explosion.' While wearing gold (or pink) bodysuits with nerd glasses, the Berlin-based Australian artist does a parody-performance of a DJ, MC, singer, and dancer which, to me, is post-modern interpretive dance meets the new performance artist one-man band." VICE

"Maxi Bacons sound is a mixture of glitch, grindcore, noise and snippets from everywhere. they created a confusing sound collage of 23 short tracks that leave you unsure what you experienced while listening. very chaotic unforeseeable improvisations after which you need a short brainwash." DATACIDE

Masters MASTERS - Acid Witch Mountain - ADA0032


01. awakening
02. new mountains rising
03. premonitions


01. the fourth
02. hahkethomemah / the gathering / return of the magi
03. sabbath moon
04. premonition 2


01. trumpets of war / cataclysm
02. the swamps of eternity
03. ekpyrosis / the procession / valour and ecstasy / aftermath

Double 12" : £10.00 + P&P

A hallucinatory soundtrack to mystical western, 'Acid Witch Mountain' the début album from MASTERS, summons sharp guitars, bright brass and atypical percussions in an instrumental ritual between rock and experimentation. The project was conceived by former AGASKODO TELIVEREK members Christos Fanaras and M.K. Hauser aka Miklos Kemecsi. You can view the online press releasev here.

"Excellent double LP of original and largely unclassifiable art-rock music… amazingly it manages to live up to that title, one that is redolent with expectations…it sounds like the missing piece in the filmographies of Jodorowsky and Fernando Arrabal. Suffice to say it stirs many a noble emotion in the breast of the listener. I hope you are now intrigued sufficiently to investigate this, and also the music of Agaskodo Teliverek." THE SOUND PROJECTOR

"A film score to a movie that doesn't exist. It will leave you scared, while I jump into a cab to a fashionable East London venue that I won't be let into." TOM RAVENSCROFT

Christos Fanaras CHRISTOS FANARAS - Impermanence - ADA0031

01. impermanence

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Impermanence' is a new album from CHRISTOS FANARAS who follows in the Greek lineage of ambient pioneers, like Vangelis and Iasos only with an emphasis on deep dark brooding soundscapes and space-age melancholia. You can view the online press release here.

"An hour long meditation in the grandest tradition of Klaus Shulze, Cosmic Jokers, Conrad Plank and other synth fetishists. 'Impermanence' is a deeply atmospheric piece recorded exclusively on vintage, analogue synthesizers. The soundscape ranges from deep trenches of space inflected with melodic strains, picked out like the music of the spheres, to colossal white noise pillars of monophonic slabs."

"A fantastic collage of everything in the artist's head, all tumbling out and wired-up wrong. This is an album steeped in the experimentalism of Krautrock and really fucked-up folksike, the sorta thing that would get a release in the mid-70s, leaving everyone completely confused, later to become something of a cult classic." ELECTRIC ROULETTE

1NTR 1NTR - Corrupt Practises - ADA0030

01. assessment
02. surface to air
03. contact
04. given
05. echo
06. hollow
07. skip
08. mainline
09. share
10. pact
11. sonic frame

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Corrupt Practises' is a new album of distorted analogue electronics by London based producer James Parr aka 1NTR. James Parr previously released music and produced interactive visual artwork under the name GREYPETCAT. You can view the online press release here.

"Think early Warp and Rephlex with a touch of Hyperdub thrown in. Very, very good indeed." ROUGH TRADE

Dj Topgear DJ TOPGEAR - PSS4 - ADA0029

01. catty secretary
02. semi articular optoid malfunction
03. pecking order display
04. triptych grey blur jam tokyo
05. carbine imbroglio
06. swollen crymph rotten
07. fitful diarama lacking warmth
08. cosmic pollution
09. red brick wall
10. inconsolable allegorical warp
11. hermetic soul space
12. fake visual touch screen vending machine

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'PSS4' is a new album from suburban freeware electronica noise maker, occasional MC and korean flute playing field recorder, DJ TOPGEAR aka Simon Petre. You can view the online press release here.

"Mr. Simon Petre has concocted a true original, something that is as imaginative as anatomical. It’s childlike at times and can also act as a electronic decoder slash scanning system for treated sound diagrams that are only secretly unlocked via infrared." IGLOO MAG

"DJ TOPGEAR drags UK garage into some sort of sordid swamp..." DROWNED IN SOUND

Ommm oMMM - Sound Art - ADA0028

01. soy milk poured over a cd player
02. recorded at the honeydew nectar installation
03. silver bullet moonlit orchid
04. bubblegum rat
05. seagreen stiff
06. sungold river
07. excerpt from play soundtrack asphyxia rain
08. peach nectar mysterious
09. cocoon cocoon
10. recorded autumn 1989

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Sound Art' is a new album of mangled cassette tape collages from lo-fi electronic musician and 4-track aficionado oMMM aka Edmund Davie. You can view the online press release here.

"oMMM make quality electronic music. The beats are tight, taut and focused, while the noise barrage is thought-erasing, but never harsh. Things are lovingly mixed and arranged, making this a really engaging headphone pilgrimage you can take again and again. oMMM is making dubstep dirty and dangerous again, making bedroom electro r’n'b for the socially hopeless." FREQ

"oMMM is Edmund Davie, the originator and currently sole proponent of an exciting new sound called Bedcore. Bedcore is what happens when acid house can’t be arsed to get up in the morning." JONNY MUGWUMP

Chocolate Menta Mastic CHOCOLATE MENTA MASTIC - ADA0027

01. pan ten - surround~sound!
02. s.isabella - pre-de-cathexis
03. reverbaphon - machine loop in h
04. lasse marhaug – lufthavn.1
05. poly only – 25-2-go
06. joshua norton cabal w/ pan ten - the erotic adventures of rabbi goldfarb
07. reverbaphon - ush(i)p
08. excom w/ romvelope – burstnibbler
10. poly only – ground effect
11. tormod mor – cereals and pulses / love the sinner
12. both holes w/ neil mcintee - 040200#1

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Chocolate Menta Mastic' is a long out of print compilation of harsh experimental electronic music originally released in 2001. This re-issue features tracks by LASSE MARHAUG, S.ISABELLA (GOVERNMENT ALPHA), REVERBAPHON, TORMOD MOR(NIMROD 33), PAN TEN, JOSHUA NORTON CABAL, POLY ONLY, ROMVELOPE and BOTH HOLES.

"Bjørn Hatleskog began his Adaadat imprint to declaim the Americanization of beige-grey macrostructures and bowed fields of iron filings.. The labels subsequent compilation savors the latency of genre specific imprecision." BANANAFISH

Romvelope ROMVELOPE - At the Mountains of Mayonnaise - ADA0026

01. mountains of mayonnaise
02. whoppler
03. sound mirror
04. rubberama
05. spastic accumulator
06. general midi
07. megaberg
08. wheel of feel
09. traditor

CD : £5.00 + P&P

ROMVELOPE's 'Mountains of Mayonnaise' is an album of H.P. Lovecraft inspired harsh noise music originally recorded in 2001, but not properly released until now. All the tracks featured were created using the no-input mixer technique popularised by Toshimaru Nakamura. The mixer in question a Behringer: EURORACK MX1604A was destroyed in the process. More information here.

"It makes sense to me that the amount of cacophony churned out on the ‘Mountains of Mayonnaise’ c.d. by noisesome experimentalist ROMVELOPE (otherwise known as Bjørn Hatleskog), must surely have its origins in the infernal cacophone. But as any well-grounded cove surely knows, this instrument does not exist in our dimension and we are thankfully spared its terrible beauty." PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE

Romvelope ROMVELOPE - Catomountain / Hodmandod - ADA0025


01. catomountain


02. hodmandod

7" : £3.00 + P&P

A second seven inch from ROMVELOPE features undulating electric reed organ tones, processed Jean Michel Jarre-esque electrical interference, robotic bongos, solenoid percussion and handmade guitar textures. All generated via a collection of semi-autonomous musical instrument cum sound installations. More information here.

"The ROMVELOPE is a semi-autonomous creation with toy turntables, a self strumming guitar and various other features that can be set up and left to their own devices for a bit. Not sure if that's exactly true, but it'd be cool if it was." THE WIRE

"ROMVELOPE provide an intensely satisfying conglomeration of chopped bits and diced pieces via Catomountain / Hodmandod, their compositions ticking like a clock and squealing like digital pigs." TINY MIX TAPES

Romvelope ROMVELOPE - Fanfaronade / Afterclap - ADA0024


01. fanfaronade


02. afterclap

7" : £3.00 + P&P

The first in a series of seven inch records from Bjørn Hatleskog aka ROMVELOPE. All sounds have been generated via a collection of homemade semi-autonimous musical instruments that includes a pair of modified Fisher Price turntables, electromagnetic interference producing toilet seats, a self-strumming guitar and robotic percussion. More information here.

"You'll drop your pencil, spit the eraser bits out of your mouth and get wrapped up in the awesome sounds streaming from the stereo." SPLENDID

"Mayhem taken into pop-music territory." VITAL WEEKLY

Gum Takes Tooth GUM TAKES TOOTH - Young Mustard / Lofty Thatch - ADA0023


01. young mustard


02. lofty thatch

7" : £3.00 + P&P

Seven inches of percussive noise pain courtesy of GUM TAKES TOOTH featuring Jussi Brightmore on electronics, drum signal processing and vocals and Thomas Fuglesang on drums, joined on this record by $HIT & $HINE/BUTTONHEAD member Valentina Magaletti on second drumkit. Comes with hand screenprinted fold out poster artwork. More information here.

"Everyone's talking about GUM TAKES TOOTH. Industrial experimental noise outbursts never sounded so blissful." NME

"GUM TAKES TOOTH’s percussive noise workouts belie their fragile packaging... recalls the tribal rhythms and oscillating noise, the echoey chants and the sense of drifting on a leaking wooden raft through the malaria infested jungles of Drum’s Not Dead. " 20JAZZFUNKGREATS

Gay Against You GAY AGAINST YOU - Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes - ADA0022

01. cruisin'
02. victory quix
03. niels bohr
04. geomancer
05. spooked, channels
06. stranded in jurassic park
07. leg of lamb of god
08. righteous signals
09. unit II
10. glorious dawn
11. sour dudes
12. mining for salt
13. magic eye
14. wall wizards

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes' is the second album from the enthusiastic, messy and very, very friendly duo of Lachlann PT Rattray and Joseph J Howe better known as GAY AGAINST YOU. They are influenced by The Minutemen, Magma and other bands beginning with 'M'. More information here.

"Take some 80's melodies, two somewhat freaked-out boys and a really nasty drum machine, and mix it all with very little bass and you have GAY AGAINST YOU. Either a council estate butthole surfers or just Japanese mimicry. Either way, it's odd & wrong..." TERRORISER

"Consisting of a pair of geeks who spout lyrics about unicorns over cacophonous keyboards, wild electro duo GAY AGAINST YOU don't get much gayer..." ATTITUDE

Agaskodo Teliverek AGASKODO TELIVEREK - Psycho Goulash - ADA0021

01. garbage pale crocodile
02. kamikaze curry bun
03. perrrgo
04. kopakabanappa
05. the gay hussar
06. szazhalombatta disco
07. 30000 lightyears old
08. bamayashi ege
09. the beautiful breadman
10. mousy
11. bastard cabbage
12. satyricana
13. johnny paprika

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Psycho Goulash' is the second album from London based four piece band AGASKODO TELIVEREK, showcasing their unique mashed-up style of guitar based music which combines heavy guitar & keytar riffage with manic beats and schizoid vocals. AGASKODO TELIVEREK s line-up features the Hungarian guitar playing duo of Miki Kemecsi and Tamas Szabo, Japanese vocalist & keytar player Hiroe Takei, as well as ex-NOISETTES & occasional SEB ROCHFORD stand-in Pharoah S. Russell on drums. More information here.

"AGASKODO TELIVEREK are weird, They make frantic, electronic guitar concoctions, wear matching body hugging football uniforms... all of these things, however, somehow combine to create a super cool off-the-wall dream team of fun." DAZED & CONFUSED

"They scare students, have a weird name and play venues that are ridiculously hard to find ... they'll make you piss your pantalons with excitement." ART ROCKER

Agaskodo Teliverek AGASKODO TELIVEREK - The Gay Hussar - ADA0020


01. the gay hussar


02. wolf whistles

7" : £3.00 + P&P

Limited edition white vinyl 7" from guitar wielding Hungarian wild stallions AGASKODO TELIVEREK, joined here by new addition Hiroe Takei on vocals. Comes with sticker artwork. More information here.

"They claim to be 'an ordinary bunch of Hungarian accountants'. Accountants with a hideous seething pit of weirdness just below the surface of their sensible day-to-day exteriors." ORGAN

"Their self-titled debut attains a level of self conscious wrongness so wholly woven into it's own fabric it resembles a gourmet meal in the shape of a flesh-eating virus." PLAN B

Dj Scotch Egg DJ SCOTCH EGG - Scotchhausen - ADA0018


01. intro
02. scotch bach 2
03. scotch radio
04. scotch ruins
05. scotch bach
06. pin-pon


07. no beats
08. scotch sundance
09. scotch hausen
10. scotch sundance 2
11. scotch sundance 3
12. scotch moondog

12" : £6.00 + P&P

'Scotchausen' is DJ SCOTCH EGG's follow up to 2005's must have gabba gameboy record KFC CORE, in which Shigeru Ikeda pays tribute to avant-garde pioneers like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Johann Sebastian Bach and er Moondog...
More information here.

"The perfect antidote to hard electronic music that takes itself too seriously" BRAINWASHED BRAIN

"DJ Scotch Egg is making the best noises of the 21st century" ROB DA BANK

Strange Attractor vs. Disinformation STRANGE ATTRACTOR VS. DISINFORMATION - Circuit Blasting - ADA0019

01. untitled
02. untitled
03. untitled
04. untitled
05. untitled
06. untitled
07. untitled
08. untitled
09. untitled

CD : £5.00 + P&P

A collaboration between sound art project DISINFORMATION and STRANGE ATTRACTOR journal editor Mark Pilkington, 'Circuit Blasting' came about as a result of an experiment to see whether it might be possible to use vintage, high-voltage electromedical apparatus to trigger spontaneous sounds in toy electronic keyboards. More information here.

"One of the most impressive audio research projects." THE WIRE

"The art project that calls itself DISINFORMATION, growing out of a mid 1990's mix of acid house transcendence and punk discordancy, has produced some of the most engaging and enchanting audiovisual installations around." THE GUARDIAN

Agaskodo Teliverek AGASKODO TELIVEREK - Self Titled - ADA0017

01. valeria lobelia bluebell
02. liselotte pulver
03. milk & tomato puree
04. heinrich the eminent cartographer
05. stupid girl
06. blood club
07. squirrel staring at a beetle
08. shoutouts
09. popeye acid king
10. a rainbow in my room
11. topass
12. ditch tonnes grunge slab
13. bodega bay
14. the girl with the wax ball

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Agaskodo Teliverek' is the self titled debut album from the sleazy Hungarian surf guitar/laptop duo Miklos "the accountant" Kemecsi and Tamas "karamazov" Szabo. More information here.

"Rarely, though, does an instrumental act captivate an audience with such bewilderment. Like Val Valentino revealing the secrets of the Magic Circle, Teliverek seem to break what could be indulgent guitar solos down to the simplicity they are really built from, creating playful pop riffs layered like three-minute flirtations with Yes. " DROWNED IN SOUND

"Their self-titled debut attains a level of self conscious wrongness so wholly woven into it's own fabric it resembles a gourmet meal in the shape of a flesh-eating virus." PLAN B

Trouble and Bass DROP THE LIME vs. MATHHEAD - Trouble & Bass - ADA0015




02. slamdance
03. stitches

12" : £4.00 + P&P

Sick, bass heavy, dance-floor orientated shit from NYC collective TROUBLE AND BASS, featuring tracks from DROP THE LIME & MATHHEAD. More information here.

"Trouble & Bass, the new collective from Tigerbeat 6's Drop The Lime that has a taste for all things grimey and bass heavy. If the performances are anything like the artists' music, crowds are more than likely to go as crazy as a bunch of boozed up hooligans on their way to the stadium." XLR8R

Gay Against You GAY AGAINST YOU - Muscle Milk - ADA0014

01. muscle milk
02. telerad
03. triple schipol
04. let's build a chinatown
05. super-copain
06. electric face wound
07. i put my hood up
08. strawberry blueberry
09. aztec cadbury world gift shop
10. bicentennial nuggets
11. sniff a crow
12. tenth anniversary book
13. el presidente have very nice pens
14. pink mix
15. dark harness
16. dear dairy
17. booth of daughters

CD : £5.00 + P&P

Debut album from Glaswegian noise/pop/midicore duo GAY AGAINST YOU consisting of Joe Howe aka GERMLIN & Lachlann Rattray aka YOKO OH NO! More information here.

"Gay Against You are part of a fine mentalist tradition that spans Atari Teenage Riot, Denim and Diamonds, Les Savy Fav, Devo and, er, Dweeb and are a breath of fresh air in the often po-faced pretentious Glasgow noise/improv scene." DISKANT

"Two subterranean creatures dressed in primary school P.E. kits, complete with charcoal-stained eyes and badly-concealed erections, howl unintelligibly over spaz-core electronics." FUSED

Cutting Pink With Knives CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES - Oh Wow! - ADA0013

01. my head is full of teeth
02. ava eva iva ova uva
03. hey, cowboy
04. i (heart) structuralists
05. modern running
06. arc en ciel!
07. didi got fisted at the smiths disco
08. black tigers start red fires
09. everytime i put on porno i want to die
10. we are the 18th largest town in england
11. friends go anywhere anywhere anywhere
12. old jeans, new jeans, whatever
13. merry fucking christmas, you spineless fuck

CD : £5.00 + P&P

Prefering to describe their music as summer grind, Anglo/American noisecore threesome CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES mix grindcore with old school hardcore, 1980s post punk and pop. 'OH WOW!' is their second full length album. More information here.

“Speedcore spaz-metal seems to be the launching point for Cutting Pink With Knives, who have created an album where the average song is no more than a minute long. The ultimate love letter to conceptual and compositional efficiency, Oh Wow! has a singular purpose and direction and it executes its plan perfectly, and without an ounce of fat." BRAINWASHED

"CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES are gabba-grind-discordant-rock-car-crash-heaven." ZERO TOLERANCE

Bruno And Michel Are Smiling + Skipperrr BRUNO & MICHEL ARE SMILING + SKIPPERRR - The Beach of Ruined Spirits - ADA0012


01. the beach of ruined spirits


02. how do you want to pay for a weekend of truth on the countryside
03. the great millipede

7" : £3.00 + P&P

Hamburg chipcore noise duo BRUNO & MICHEL ARE SMILING aka Oliver Bulas, and SKIPPERRR aka Charlotte Arnhold’s music is a bewildering mix of gabba, noise, gameboyesque melodies and screaming, inspired by modern classical music, socialist theory, Japanese Noise & early DHR music. More information here.

"Hyper-nintendo pop with a distinctly evil edge. Skipperrr’s high pitched vocals give it a bit of a nicely demented edge, with the b-sides seeming all the more sinister. Great if you like your electro pop dark and psychotic." THE COMMUNION

Ove Naxx OVE NAXX - Ove-Chan Dancehall - ADA0011


01. rollin' the ove dick hemroid
02. oodanhodoh jya massive shoco-shocore


01. twisted kita-low drunk trip
02. kang-fu jackson!
05. fitness club at big rave party gabba house

10" : £7.00 + P&P

Limited edition 10" of dirty noise/breakcore from Osaka's OVE NAXX aka Isao Sano mashing up death-metal, j-pop, dancehall with samples of latin American music & farmyard animals. More information here.

"Sano is a master craftsman of gleefully nasty drill 'n' bass acrobatics, his 'million Playstations in a blender’ aesthetic delighting listeners even as it flays them alive." THE WIRE

"Spinning frantic cavalcades of heavy metal and skittering jungle. Sometimes silly, sometimes difficult, but kookily inventive." Q MAGAZINE

Doddodo DODDODO - Sample Bitch Story - ADA0010

01. abcdosaka
02. whitehousedisco
03. tokuten chan
04. usokoto
05. passenger of heart
06. waltz core
07. king of tomorrow
08. doddodo death

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Sample Bitch Story' is a new mini-album from Osaka noisecore pluderphonic artist DODDODO aka Namin Haku. This is her first UK solo release, and see’s her lo-fi mix of noise, country/folk music, breakcore, cute j-pop sounds and slowed down hiphop unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. More information here.

"DODDODO's music is a mish mash of noise breakcore, folk, hip hop and all sort of other musical meanderings, all laced together with the kind of day-glo sensebilities that can only come from Japan." ROCKAROLLA

"How you would dance to this is anyone’s guess but this album is a triumph. A mind bending, sometimes confusing, always incomprehensible triumph but a triumph nonetheless." GIGWISE

Trade And Distribution Almanac volume 3 TRADE & DISTRIBUTION ALMANAC - Volume Three - ADA0009

01. germlin - yeah
02. ove naxx - 100 man
03. cutting pink with knives - septembre
04. miklos kemecsi - squirrel staring at a beetle
05. doddodo - heresy country papa
06. acrnym - rhona
07. atom truck - flight of the atom
08. romvelope - think thonk thank
09. dj 100000000 - dev remix
10. ommm - feather touch logic control
11. dj topgear - slapper
12. wet dreams - take this
13. dj scotch egg + hrvatski - live at the ica
14. ohhh!!! - square peg round hole
15. silverlink - drunk girls
16. yaporigami - yamato
17. duracell + dj scotchegg - untitled
18. yoko oh no! - steve machine
19. horacio pollard - elton
20. extractor fan - big up high tech

CD : £5.00 + P&P

ADAADAT's third compilation CD featuring a mix of noise, breakcore and experimental electronic music featuring, GERMLIN, DJ SCOTCH EGG, DURACELL, CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES, HRVATSKI, OVE NAXX, oMMM, ATOM TRUCK and many more.

"When Peel left us, many could be heard to say ‘who else would play gabba next to an old Hank Williams tune?’. Well, it would appear that a number of people paid attention ... ADAADAT have taken the music from those bedrooms, slapped it on CD, and taken it to the stage. They inhabit worlds that Warp have hinted at; that Squarepusher and Aphex Twin left to visit earth. Make no mistake, this is full on Electronica but it is fresh and exciting. It rarely sounds laboured, instead taking Warp’s blueprint and er, Warping it." LOSING TODAY

"If you tried dancing to anything on Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume 3, their latest in a row of indispensable roster round-ups, then you’d probably look like an upside-down pneumatic drill and feel run over once the whole thing shudders to a halt. But by lordy, this is so brilliant it'd be worth it." DROWNED IN SOUND

Germlin GERMLIN - Youth Pixxel - ADA0008

01. think of everything at once, all of the time
02. timesprite
03. happy hills
04. beeloud
05. key lime
06. dont beach ball
07. banana fuckin' milk
08. death pixxel
09. i have no patience and i cant wait
10. up early, for hours
11. youth pixxel
12. k-mint
13. summer heart rays
14. royal wolf
15. land army
16. w_out

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Youth Pixxel' is the debut album from virtuoso Scottish laptop artist Joe Howe aka GERMLIN one half of GAY AGAINST YOU. A hyperactive mix of gabba, chipcore, lo-fi & power pop. More information here.

"This is techno-euphoria in its most addictive form, finally releasing the PC from the dark tyranny of Brian Eno's Windows 95 sound effects. Are you ready for some laptop gabba? This is nerdcore and it rocks like an epileptic fit. Incredibly enough, this is also Germlin's first ever London gig. The kid is destined for greatness." PLAN B

"Blessed with the ability to transform outwardly tough compositions into oddly emotional tracts." CLASH

Dj Scotch Egg DJ SCOTCH EGG - KFC Core - ADA0007

01. kfc core
02. scotch chicken
03. tetris wonderland
04. scotch heads
05. scotch grime
06. kfc song
07. scotch forest
08. scotch attack
09. acidboy
10. scotch land
11. scotch out
12. knock knock sandwich next door

10" : £7.00 + P&P

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'KFC Core' is the debut album from scotch egg hurling, rock out, gameboy-gabba mentalist Shige Ishihara. Recorded over an intensive 30 day period, in which Ishihara consumed only KFC products. The result ‘KFC CORE’ sees Ishihara explore his love hate relationship with fried chicken. More information here.

"He makes fucked-up gabbercore on a gameboy and his live shows consist of him shouting 'Fuck you, Fuck you into a mega phone and throwing scotch egg's into the crowd. not to be missed." MUSICWEEK

"The perfect antidote to hard electronic music that takes itself too seriously" BRAINWASHED

Ommm oMMM - Testing The Equipment - ADA0006

01. catwalk tv
02. emac
03. tree
04. granular code queens
05. cave air foci
06. equiformal clique
07. tv adaptor meal
08. imax
09. all day template
10. good weather
11. air marimba
12. sorry for losing your headphones utabi
13. days of space
14. elementary particles
15. journey to the centre of time
16. good weather

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Testing the equipment' is the debut album from Lancashire born entertainer extraordinaire, lo-fi electronic musician and 4-track aficionado oMMM aka Edmund Davie. More information here.

"There's a kind of deceptive innocence to oMMM. Its adorable four-track samples and sweet synthetic tones would have you believe it's a cute little project made out of a sunny day and lots of weed. But then it becomes increasingly apparent that there are many layers, hidden tones, and entirely superb programming at work to meld the glitches, swoons, and often fantastic beatmaking." COKE MACHINE GLOW

"Sparky electronica debut, full of whimsical doodles with great titles..." VICE

Romvelope ROMVELOPE - One Course Meal - ADA0005

01. finger of blame
02. square pegs
03. dental triangle
04. knockhill
05. aping a ram
06. rice fever
07. green door
08. huw & me
09. intensive squares
10. lunar landfill
11. diagnosis murder
12. squirrels under siege
13. deadly cloak
14. vibrator wars
15. meercat mountain

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'One course meal' is the debut album from ROMVELOPE aka Bjørn Hatleskog taking you on a tour through experimental electronics, electro, R'n'B and hip-hop, with diversions into a bewildering array of other styles. More information here.

"Brace yourself! Like a breakcore one-man band lost on the Tokyo subway after a particularly heavy night, Romvelope is a dirty great big collision of your entire record collection filtered through a slew of guest vocalists and 8-Bit jiggery pokery." BOOMKAT

"Absolutely bonkers, but in all the right places." ANGRY APE

Trade And Distribution Almanac volume 2 TRADE & DISTRIBUTION ALMANAC - Volume Two - ADA0004

01. atom truck - shitstick
02. cow'p - contra 100 in 1
03. ommm - somb
04. dj 100000000 - baruserona
05. miklos kemecsi - mal funk
06. romvelope - huw & me
07. donna summer - crushed pop
08. the doubtful guest - johnny random
09. skyfish - gateball time
10. ddamage feat o. lamm - freezin the koala
11. doddodo - hxcx death
12. ove naxx - king beat home
13. cdr - ara
14. 65 days of static - the major cities of the world...
15. wild flower - balloon flat
16. dorothy's magic bag - tony blair witch
17. box jellyfish - hghh
18. miu - tin tin
19. horacio pollard - the plattner story
20. greypetcat - cerebral broadcasting
21. utabi - taolfew

CD : £5.00 + P&P

ADAADAT's second compilation CD featuring a mix of breakcore, mash-ups and experimental electronic music from the likes of OVE NAXX, DONNA SUMMER, dDAMAGE, ROMVELOPE, 65 DAYS OF STATIC, THE DOUBTFUL GUEST, DODDODO, DJ 100000000 and many more.

"21 cuts from around the world that vary in their style, pace, and heaviness, but are united loosely by a sense of post-Warp, post-Tigerbeat mentalism ... ADAADAT are systematically seizing IDM and bludgeoning the 'intelligence' out of it.." DOT ALT

"ADAADAT has uncovered an entirely new sub-genre of digital weirdness that's sure to make a lasting impression on rock-weary ears." SPLENDID

Shex vs. Ommm SHEX vs. oMMM - ADT0003


01. rocknroll 1999
02. timpo


01. ufo's building the pyramids
02. plasmawatchpen

7" : £3.00 + P&P

Osaka’s SHEX aka Shigeru Komada serving up a musical smorgasbord of heavy metal, breakcore, rap, dodgy rave & j-pop. On the other side we have oMMM aka Edmund Davie delighting us with his playful arrangements and lo-fi/indie harmonies.

"This latest split release echoes the excellence that has gone before, and really shows what Adaadat are all about. If you have yet to check any Adaddat out, you are missing out." TESSELATE

"Sort of machismo-mesmerizing, like My Bloody Valentine for metalheads." MONOCHROM

Dj 100000000 vs. Atom Truck DJ100000000 vs. ATOM TRUCK - ADT0002

SIDE 1 : DJ100000000

01. sukebe_v8
02. genjin


01. try me for breakfast
02. square

7" :

A double helping of breakcoresque beatmangling and mash-ups from Tokyo’s DJ 100000000 aka Shigeru Ikeda & London’s ATOM TRUCK aka Angus Keith.

"As soon as i heard it, i wanted to get it out on a set of huge speakers and rag the hell out of them with it. It has all the slamming grit of breakcore, yet when the melody hits in you begin to realise that the tracks have an anthemic feel to it." MUSICAL BEAR

"A big vat of the game rich, fully programmed, crafted excellence, that I love to hear. Utter excellence." TESSELATE

Utabi UTABI - Manchurian Candy - ADA0003

01 windo05
02 crackbank cheese
03 kmoizcarkt shoimse back
04 three tennies
05 lighpotllution
06 doll-shape-automaton
07 turntable utabied
08 yorange peel
09 manchurian candy
10 wave ladder
11 set her eyes xochipilli
12 mogood
13 fly it away
14 bwangwui
15 cassia angustifolia

CD : £5.00 + P&P

'Manchurian Candy' is the second full length album from Tokyo electronica artist UTABI HIROKAWA mixing lo-fi computer game influences with cut up vocal samples, intricate stuttering beats, and infectious melodies. More information here.

"Japan’s Utabi Hirokawa communicates in an extremely subtle fashion, and it all sounds refreshingly honest because what he has created here are songs. That’s a rare occurrence in this field, and one that should be held as an example." LOGO MAGAZINE

"UTABI is the MAN." VICE

Dj Donna Summer vs. Ove Naxx DJ DONNA SUMMER vs. OVE NAXX - ADA0002


01 vibrations
02 feast of recognition
03 record exchange
04 disco satan
05 chirping organ
06 moses on a raft


01 jinginaki punxxx!!!
02 numbed a thought disorder
03 b-gay in tsutenkaku feat. wolf pack
04 no side discharge
05 hatashiai beans_version
06 anarchy bomb-odori

12" :

Jason Forrest aka DJ DONNA SUMMER's music is a frenetic and highly entertaining tour de force taking in disco, prog rock, gabba and digital noise along the way. The opposite side, sees OVE NAXX aka Isao Sano unleash a devistating audio barrage of jungle, video-game themes, heavy metal, and Japanese weirdness, with additional assistance from Osaka MC's WOLFPACK.

"Forrest as Donna Summer mashes up heavy metal, Supertramp, The Go-Go's and more into a blur of irregular breaks that makes the drill n' bass of a few years ago look positively soporific." THE WIRE

"Ove-Naxx’s superb production has a voice all its own. Tough." BOOMKAT

COWP vs. Kema Keur COW'P vs. KEMA KEUR - ADT0001


01. punks in the skum shop
02. dallers fleet
03. 0077
04. walk his way


01. survivors can't be choosers
02. voyag
03. pim pong
04. european low voltage detective

12" : £3.00 + P&P

This split 12" delivers a double helping of computer game inspired electronic filth, and comes complete with special do-it-yourself rub-down transfer artwork. COW'P is Furuzu Nakano from Tokyo, working here entirely on a Nintendo Gameboy, producing melodic lo-fi electronica. On the other side dysfunctional pop anthems from KEMA KEUR aka Bjørn Hatleskog.

"This is a wonderful experimental electronic split by a couple of extremely gifted musicians. Recommended." INDIEVILLE

"Both artists have a knack for keeping your ears entertained with their catchy electro-pop structures." GROOVES

Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume 1 TRADE & DISTRIBUTION ALMANAC - Volume One - ADA0001

01 cow'p - dub & electro
02 atom truck - theme from atom truck
03 romvelope - memu
04 ot - bakamono [ adaadapted ]
05 chulk - canmark 2
06 z'ot - four filter percolator
07 jean bach - colder than ice
08 milky chu - young cowboys are eating ice cream
09 twin turbo - mensa for minors
10 superdefekt - ma_s_ida
11 millenium hut - holographia
12 brian lavelle - emerging from his bliss
13 greypetcat - kine
14 ap - 020414
15 minblep - datatoe
16 kema keur - waiting for a train
17 reverbaphon - radthai
18 rupert cole - syv

CD : £5.00 + P&P

ADAADAT's debut release is a CD compilation of quirky and experimental electronic music, featuring; COW'P, JEAN BACH, BRIAN LAVELLE, MILKY CHU, DJ 100000000, REVERBAPHON, ATOM TRUCK, ROMVELOPE and many more.

"The perfect antidote to cock-rock guitar heroics, long hair and leather trousers." WALLPAPER

"Bleepy, zappy and quirkily original tracks fill this compilation." MONOCHROM