'The Swim' is the second album from South-East London based improvisational experimental rock sextet Rutger Hauser. Recorded over a week long period in the Faroe Islands in a community hall called Sólarmagn, on the coast at Velbastaður looking out towards Hestur and Koltur, the horse and colt, and the Atlantic beyond. The album features hand assembled artwork with stamped labels and risographic printed inserts. It is due to be co-released by Adaadat and the Faroese imprint Tutl on the 1st of July.

Rutger Hauser's spontaneously generated riffs and beats are peppered with found sounds from cassettes and records, and not-quite-sci-fi interjections of cheap synths and self-made electronics. Unofficial house band of The Lumen Lake experimental music nights at Lewisham Arthouse, Rutger Hauser are dedicated to an inclusive and accessible mode of group improvisation and to having fun in performance.

The band started in 2013 as the duo of John Harries on drums and Jamie Coe on bass/pedals, then rapidly and wilfully expanded to include the bands sole Faroese member Jon Klaemint Hofgaard from Tweed & Hyenas on guitar, Lisa Busby and Ian Stonehouse on playback media and electronics and Rose Dagul on cello.

"There's a palpable trust that feels integral to how well the songs fit together, a belief in something close to supernatural in the group dynamic theat enables them to make sense as a whole. The songs as artifacts become more than the sum of their individual elements elevated by something like alchemy."
Claire Biddles (The Wire)

"An incredibly lively and chaotic stream of music and noise ... What I like is the genuinely open-ended nature of their work... They dont seem intent on copying styles, genres, or trends in some bid to gain music press or credibility with knowing fans, and instead remain true to their notion of having fun in performance."
Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector)

"The Swim is testament to the uniquely open, porous nature of improvised music; skilfully delivered yet invitingly playful and inquisitive, it never feels obtuse or inaccessible."
Luke Cartledge (The Quietus)

Rutger Hauser - The Swim

ADA0059 - 12" Vinyl (Limited to 200 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

Side 1 :

01. maximum tourist | fjallavatn
02. hestur and koltur | hestur og koltur
03. five pages in the lost ledger | leiti
04. the swim | av brúnni við streymin

Side 2 :

01. on the rotifer conchilus volvox | golmansskor
02. bohnanza life | bursatangi
03. catfish michael | millum víkingartoft og gravarbakka
04. faroes 01 _ nólsoy, looking north | rúnarsteinur í sandavágskirkju

Credits :

John Harries - Drums
Jon Klaemint Hofgaard - Guitar
Jamie Coe - Bass and Pedals
Lisa Busby - Vocals, Electronics, Playback Media
Ian Stonehouse - Electronics, Playback Media
Rose Dagul - Cello, Vocals, Pedals

Recorded by Sean Woodlock at Sólarmagn
Vinyl cut by Noel Summerville
Art and design by John Harries

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