Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume Four


'Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume Four' is a forthcoming compilation CD of eclectic experimental music from all over the world. The collage artwork on the cover was created by Bjørn Hatleskog using a 1968 Freemans Catalogue which was discovered under the floorboards of Angus Keith's house in Clapton. The CD is due for release on Adaadat this August.

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. eks - untitled
02. jang mp - over the cliff
03. kayaka - a half cup of earth resonator
04. cortex accelera - ahhs
05. josh booth - 16:15
06. dj tendraw - demonstration pss-280-04
07. horacio pollard - a rema 1000 lighter
08. sid viscous - house of joy
09. mike orban - cricket funk
10. venta protesix - practical experience of assisted ejaculation 17
11. cdr - all night bug
12. hypercube - playground memories
13. qetzal dasein - plagiarism
14. konakon - kunststoff
15. elephant house - lsod
16. punsuca - rara rara
17. memero - eleven
18. dj topgear - fuchu pain
19. dreieck - complain
20. failings - love is always in the way

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01.   EKS - UNTITLED   (1:20)

EKS aka Guido Marziale from Naples produces Experimental Lo-Fi Instrumental Hiphop, working primarily with hacked tascam portastudio 414, roland sp404 and a roland sp 303. He is also a member of noise trio Genital Warts who's album was released on Viande and Hail Ants Records.

Links : Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

02.   JANG MP - OVER THE CLIFF   (3:37)

JANG MP aka Michael Poshkus is an IDM/Experimental producer from Lithuania having previously released music on Night Swimmers Records. He has also recorded under the moniker Eik Tu Nachui Blet.

Links : Soundcloud.


KAYAKA aka Kaya Kamijo, an experimental/noise/electronica composer and performer, born in Tokyo and based in London and Berlin. She plays electronic and acoustic instruments including harp, bass clarinet, drums, bass guitar and gadgets and has a unique, autodidactic style of composing and recording. Her music is sometimes called 'sonic surrealism' and is often mixed with 'living-life-noise'. She has released music on Zeromoon, Ostroga, Mantile, Asimtria, Amp Recs, Spirals Of Involution and Neigh% Records. She also runs her own imprint called Pighole Records.

Links : Kayaka of Pighole, A New Band a Day and Discogs.

04.   CORTEX ACCELERA - AHHS   (1:49)

CORTEX ACCELERA aka Mark Mallory is an ambient/experimental/psychedelic/electronic noise producer from Los Angeles, he has released music on 2419 Record Label.

Links : Bandcamp.

05.   JOSH BOOTH - 16:15   (3:59)

JOSH BOOTH is a Jersey City based media artist who works in sound and video. His compositions range from generative and reactive installations to performative pieces. His work has been featured in the Aperture Foundation (for Rinko Kawauchi's 'Ametsuchi' exhibition), at John Zorn's The Stone in NYC, and Siki Im's 'Human Machine' runway show during New York Fashion Week, 2014. In addition, he has worked as a producer with the hip hop group Dälek since 1998.

Links : Soundcloud.

06.   DJ TENDRAW - DEMONSTRATION PSS-280-04   (3:35)

DJ TENDRAW aka Michael Shaw is a London-based sound artist and one half of circuit bent free-noise duo DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog and founder/director of experimental music and art platform The Gluerooms, he has contributed prolifically to the free-improv and experimental music scene for over a decade. Having released music on Big Dada, 4th harmonic, and Stationary Records.

Links : Michael Shaw and Soundcloud.

07.   HORACIO POLLARD - A REMA 1000 LIGHTER   (3:32)

HORACIO POLLARD aka Leon Barnett the Berlin-based "Half English, half Argentine "noise-eccentric" has been active in the field of experimental music since 2002 and has released a bunch of vinyl, tapes and cd's on various labels including Le Petit Mignon , Wrong Music, Twilight Luggage, Gaffer Records, Altered Tapes & recent full length album and split 7" with Kjetil D. Brandsdal on Drid Machine Records. He is a member Clifford Torus with Anders Hana (Moha!, Ultralyd & Noxagt) and Kjetil D Brandsdal of Noxagt. And Fully Blown Dental Reform with Danny O'Really, and Marc Fantini (drummer for Swiss experimental metal outfit Monno). He also runs his own imprint called Neigh%Music.

Links : Horacio Pollard, Discogs and Soundcloud.

08.   SID VISCOUS - HOUSE OF JOY   (4:35)

SID VISCOUS aka Oliver Harris currently lives in Oxford but was previously in London, where he was inspired to start making music by the involvement of many of his friends in various 'DIY' club nights and music scenes and where he is still often to be found. He draws on techno, EBM and the more industrial side of dance music generally as well as a variety of rock, post-punk and New Wave sounds to create bass-heavy electronic and semi-electronic tunes. This is his debut release.

Links : Soundcloud.

09.   MIKE ORBAN - CRICKET FUNK   (1:39)

MIKE ORBAN is an electronic musician and guitarist from Ohio.

Links : Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook.


VENTA PROTESIX hates music. He's the foremost representative of the global scene of laptop stochasticism, a micro-terrorist genre born on the deepest reaches of shoutboxes, where mysterious Japanese schoolgirls download sick pornography from the internet, love solitude, chemical drug abuse, virtual sex play, and reject the warmth of analog sound. Among his peculiar influences are 山内大輔 Daisuke Yamanouchi's ero-guro movies, AV idols, hentai and the concept of sonic virology as an ontological category of being. Sounds like: Masonna trapped in a pink laptop along with Sachiko M and a 56k modem that survived the 90s. New electronic noise for a generation of romantic shut-ins." He has released music on Lips Infection, RDC, Floppy Kick, Anarcho Freaks Production, Monstres Par Exces, Ikebukuro Dada, Loli&Puke Inc., A Dear Girl Called Wendy, 16 Shots Per Second Records, Placenta Recordings, Setola Di Maiale, Metzger Therapie, and Stockroom Records.

Links : Newhive, Bandcamp, Discogs and Soundcloud.

11.   CDR - ALL NIGHT BUG   (2:30)

CDR aka Hikaru Tsunematsu is a Tokyo-based noise/breakcore/chiptune artist, he has releases on 19-T Records, BRK, Maltine Records, Chipdripdrops, No Kore, Otherman Records, Amenorea, Dance Corps, Proc Records, Cuntroll, Cock Rock Disco, Merryworks, Dance Corps, and Tsundere Violence. He also runs his own imprint called RDC Records.

Links : Discogs, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


HYPERCUBE aka Rodrigo Passannanti is a London-based electronic music producer focusing on experimentation with extensive use of software effect plugins, audio editors and sound processors within the computer environment. He has released music on Hypnotic Records, Tip Records, Blue Room, Xochi, Phisteria, 10 Kilo Records, Amenorea, and Velvet Inc.

Links : Discogs, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


QETZAL DASEIN aka Alejandro Silvero Viedma is an experimental electronic producer hailing from Paraguay.

Links : Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

14.   KONAKON - KUNSTSTOFF   (5:05)

KONAKON aka La Blancheur Des Cygnes aka Matteo Berghenti is a Parma-based sound artist. He develops new digital tools using software applications as Max/MSP or Supercollider, but he also likes to use analog synths and guitars in his compositions and live improvisations. He formerly played guitar and sang in the experimental math-noise band Brother James. He is a current member of Lady Vallens and also runs his own imprint called Second Family Records.

Links : Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

15.   ELEPHANT HOUSE - LSOD   (3:19)

ELEPHANT HOUSE is a London based duo of Shenggy Shen on drums and Christos Fanaras on keyboards. Shenggy Shen is a former member of Hang on the Box China's first all-female punk band. She has since gone on to establish herself a noise artist, as a member of the avant-duo White with Zhang Shou Wang from Carsick Cars who's self titled debut was produced by Blixa Bargeld. Her solo music has also been released on Noise Joy and Little Sound. Christos Fanaras has been performing under the name Jack Shirt since 2006, and has recorded and released 7 solo CDR albums on his own imprint Down Is Up. He also played bass guitar in Agaskodo Teliverek, bass and synth in Mothlite, drums in hypnagogic anti-band Temper Temper, and is currently a member of Moon Ra.

Links : Soundcloud and Shenggy Interview with Blixa Bargeld.

16.   PUNSUCA - RARA RARA   (2:51)

PUNSUCA are Japanese twins from Yokohama. A noise performance, techno-boosted punk unit who use self made toy-like instruments to make trash sounds. They released 'Laser Disk' 2009 and 'なかよしングル' released 2013. They have collaborated with HUH under 'PUNSUHUH', titles '20130731' in 2013 and '20140302' in 2013, mastered by DJ MEMAI. They are also prolific designers/subculture merchandisers. Punsuca organise regular ' Modulation Gym' festivals in and around Tokyo promoting like minded artists. They also make and sell home-made vocoders, samplers and toy noise makers.

Links : Punsuca and Soundcloud.

17.   MEMERO - ELEVEN   (1:40)

MEMERO is Berlin-based Italian gameboy-breakcore musician. He has released music on Kill Robot Records, Datathrash, and Rexistenz. He also runs his own imprint called Closebrace M Openbrace Records.

Links : Memero, Bandcamp, Discogs and Soundcloud.

18.   DJ TOPGEAR - FUCHU PAIN   (4:15)

DJ TOPGEAR aka Simon Petre is an occasional MC and Korean flute playing field-recording Tokyo resident and suburban freeware electronica geek. He has released music on Animal Fact Records. Together with Hikaru Tsunematsu (CDR) under the moniker Auaua, Petre has released an album called 'The Album of Auaua' on Grindcore Karaoke. As Onthema he released a 12" EP called 'Sticks and Bits' on the German imprint Underscan. Simon Petre was also a member of spaz pop trash electronic rave grime duo Wang Wang Gou alongside Katkuns (Debbie Ding).

Links : Soundcloud.

19.   DREI·ECK - COMPLAIN   (3:31)

DREI·ECK is a small London-based collective of audio-artists and found sound lovers, sharing abstract and surreal compositions. DREI·ECK / produced by Antwerp.

Links : Antwerp Music, Bandcamp and Tumblr.


FAILINGS is an ambient solo project from Ian Hawk from Portland Oregon who's recently put out a split 12" with Amps for Christ on Insulin Addicted Records with cover art by Chris Johanson. He is also a member of heavy-drone guitar-based group Tecumseh their music has been released by Anarchymoon Recordings, Black Horizons, Important Records, Midirai Records, Anti-Matter Records, and Beta-lactam Ring Records. He is currently working on a new album by an industrial project FOX/HAWK/DRUSS which features Garek Jon Druss (A Story of Rats, Dull Knife, Tecumseh) and Greg Fox (Z's, Liturgy, Ben Frost, Guardian Alien).

Links : Discogs and Bandcamp.

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