Arriving like an unexpected gift from a disgraced family member STORYTELLER's 'Field of Upturned Sheep' is an incredible occult thriller of rural depravity. An Electro-acoustic Spoken word collaboration between writer & occasional filmmaker Bruce McClure and sound artist Bjørn Hatleskog. This third instalment in the series is presented in cassette form in homage to their namesake the nineteen eighties children's magazine and tape series published by Marshall Cavendish. The illustrations were provided by Chris Wright of Turbo Island.

Bjørn Hatleskog's work explores the nature of feedback loops, noise and interference and their application via mechanical automation. Since 2002 he has been running the Adaadat record label, as well as releasing music on other labels including Benbecula, Seed, Rolax and Invitro, under the monikers Romvelope and Kema Keur. Along with Bruce McClure, he was also a member of live art/noise performance group Le Couteau Jaune.

Bruce McClure made the lo-fi, zero-budget, indie, psychological black comedy feature film District Nurse. In 2000 he co-founded electronic music label Seed with Joshu Doherty and Richard Bevan of Posthuman. He has also collaborated with composer Wojciech Rusin on his radio play 'The Garden' which was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 The Freakier Zone and Glasgow based art radio, Radiophrenia. McClure is a regular poetry contributor to Bristol based skateboard magazine Dog Piss, and recently made an appearance on Mutant City Acid by Posthuman.

"What makes Hatleskog and McClure's version of Storyteller so affecting is the feeling that a small part of your childhood has been meddled with; the format and artwork point strongly to parody, but once the narrative tone is revealed, it's clear that any similarities end there. For the generation who were young enough in the early 80s to experience these tapes first-hand, it's as though the duo have crept out of a wardrobe deep within your memory and recorded over them with grubby hands, depositing these new more disturbing stories in place of those fondly remembered classics."
Spenser Tomson (The Wire)

"This was a real treat. I wonder why more stories don't have some sort of sound collage for atmosphere? Storyteller may just have stumbled across something really special."
Mr Olivetti (Freq)

"So, within these inserted events, we get into the body of the beast. The story! An affair between a plant and a man. An odd topic but interesting enough. All sorts of amusing happenings. I guess this is a preview, a brief exploration into a world most similar and most unknown."
Caffeinate (Yeah I know it Sucks)

"Bruce McClure & Bjorn Hatleskog host a communion with a vegetation deity. Casual observations from the foyer of the Mountain King. An ode to etheric transmissions, electro-acoustic night terrors, suggestive drones & dystopian sea shanties."
Mark Westall (Fad Magazine)

Storyteller 3

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ADA0064 - Cassette (Limited to 100 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks, you may have to disable your Adblocker plugin)

Side 1 :

01. field of upturned sheep
02. the all-seeing hole
03. flesh interface

Side 2 :

01. village volunteer force
02. oologic nest denizens
03. technosignature dance party

Credits :

Original Story Written and Read by Bruce McClure
Hazel Wizard Wand Snapping by Kevin Quigley
Sound and Design by Bjørn Hatleskog
Illustration by Chris Wright

Links :
The Strangest Pet on Earth
Turbo Island

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