'Rutger Hauser' is a self-titled debut CD from the South East London based improvising experimental rock band. It is due for release on Adaadat in November.

Rutger Hauser's spontaneously generated riffs and beats are peppered with found sounds from cassettes and records, and not-quite-sci-fi interjections of cheap synths and self-made electronics. Unofficial house band of The Lumen Lake experimental music nights at Lewisham Arthouse, Rutger Hauser are dedicated to an inclusive and accessible mode of group improvisation and to having fun in performance.

The band started in 2013 as the duo of John Harries on drums and Jamie Coe on bass/pedals, then rapidly and wilfully expanded to include Jon Klaemint Hofgaard from Tweed & Hyenas on guitar, Lisa Busby and Ian Stonehouse on playback media and electronics and Rose Dagul on cello. Rutger Hauser's debut album was recorded live in two days in the summer of 2014, at the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths College. Half the material had pre-determined structures, the rest was entirely improvised in the studio, and the record remains as it was performed, with no overdubs.

"Rutger Hauser... deliver a chaotic, inscrutable yet weirdly rocking dollop of deep bass, squealing cello and turntable squonk. 'Ladders Over Ladders' has something of Faust about its anarchic patchwork; the more circus-y leanings of Nurse With Wound worm into 'The Hundred And Fifty Or So Dogs' and 'N-N-N-N' is, unlike its title, utterly maximalist no wave insania that's got me wistfully recalling Chicago's fabulous Coughs ... This is fifty minutes of high-tension music, with lots to explore and even more to enjoy. Rutger Hauser seems an exciting new band." Noel Gardner (The Quietus)

"An incredibly lively and chaotic stream of music and noise ... In fact the whole CD was laid down in the studio live with no overdubs, which is impressive considering how confident many of these performances sound; a lot of their best experiments are just 'right' in the way they land. Perhaps it's because the band have spent some time honing their craft in a live situation ... What I like is the genuinely open-ended nature of their work... They dont seem intent on copying styles, genres, or trends in some bid to gain music press or credibility with knowing fans, and instead remain true to their notion of having fun in performance." Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. n n n n
02. sounds of our country
03. jackie treehorn
04. no bears
05. red detachment of women
06. no instructions (the love we once had)
07. neu neu
08. liquorice pipe

Credits :

John Harries - Drums
Jon Klaemint Hofgaard - Guitar
Jamie Coe - Bass and Pedals
Lisa Busby - Vocals, Electronics, Playback Media
Ian Stonehouse - Electronics, Playback Media

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