'Dance of the Aberrant' is an album of dark atmospheric electronics by Daniel Rozenhall, a composer and record producer, based in Stockholm, Sweden, who has worked actively at the EMS studio and at the organisation Fylkingen in Stockholm since the late 1990s. The record is issued as an edition of 199 numbered copies, due to be co-released in August with the Swedish label Firework Edition Records. It includes cover artwork by Rozenhall's long-time collaborator Sten Backman, who has also made the film and visual presentation to this work.

Sten Backman is a visual artist, composer and graphic designer, based in Stockholm. His fields of work include many areas, such as branding and identity, editorial, interactive applications, product design, websites, exhibition design, music videos and record covers. Backman collaborates regularily with J.G Thirlwell (aka Foetus) and, among other things, made the visuals for Thirlwell's album 'Xordox'.

During the years 2018-2022, Rozenhall and Backman have showed and presented their works worldwide, including performances in Latvia, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Denmark and Sweden. In 2022, Rozenhall and Backman received the prestigeous 'Award of Distinction' in the category for audiovisual arts at the MA/IN Festival in Lecce, Italy, for their work 'Den förföljdes gryning', containing Rozenhall's music and Backman's visuals.

This record is due to be released on August 11th to coincide with the 90th birthday of the Fylkingen experimental performance space in Stockholm. The event will also include a screening of 'Dance of the Aberrant', which is also due to shown as a video installation as part of a group exhibition called 'Liminality (The Friendly Abyss)' at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel, opening on August 24th.

"Ominous whirling of a bullroare, demonic shrieks of wheeling swifts, the chug of a ghostly steam engine, regimented marching, harrowing intimations of the nightmares of history."
Julian Cowley (The Wire)

"Rozenhall and Backman have produced a multi-format creation, featuring this soundtrack and an experimental film that visually represents it. Musically, I would suggest that a good comparison would be Coil, or at least certain parts of their music, as well as some of the original Faust albums."
Andy P. (Fear and Loathing)


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ADA0066 / FER1133 - 12" (Limited to 199 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks, you may have to disable your Adblocker plugin)

Side A :

01. drone of the aberrant

Side B :

01. dance of the aberrant

Credits :

Music by Daniel Rozenhall.

Recorded at EMS, Stockholm, 2019-2020.
Front Cover Image from the film 'Dance of the Aberant' (Visuals by Sten Backman).
Graphic design by S. Backman and D. Rozenhall.
Vinyl mastering by Tommy Dufva.

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