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'Sound Art' is a new album of mangled cassette tape collages from London-based, lo-fi electronic musician and 4-track aficionado oMMM aka Edmund Davie. Its due for release on CD spring 2014 on Adaadat. oMMM recently released a cassette called 'Re-Animator Volume One' on Exotic Pylon. Before that he released a CD album called 'Testing the Equipment' and a split seven inch record with Japanese artist Shex, both on Adaadat. Edmund Davie also works under the moniker Extractor Fan putting out five releases on Animal Fact Records. As well as producing work under the pseudonym DJ Negative Skills released through Tape Moderne.

"oMMM make quality electronic music. The beats are tight, taut and focused, while the noise barrage is thought-erasing, but never harsh. Things are lovingly mixed and arranged, making this a really engaging headphone pilgrimage you can take again and again. oMMM is making dubstep dirty and dangerous again, making bedroom electro r'n'b for the socially hopeless." J. Simpson (Freq)

"There's a kind of deceptive innocence to oMMM. Its adorable four-track samples and sweet synthetic tones would have you believe it's a cute little project made out of a sunny day and lots of weed." Amir Nezar (Coke Machine Glow)

"oMMM is Edmund Davie, the originator and currently sole proponent of an exciting new sound called Bedcore. Bedcore is what happens when acid house can't be arsed to get up in the morning." Jonny Mugwump (Exotic Pylon)


Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. soy milk poured over a cd player
02. recorded at the honeydew nectar installation
03. silver bullet moonlit orchid
04. bubblegum rat
05. seagreen stiff
06. sungold river
07. excerpt from play soundtrack asphyxia rain
08. peach nectar mysterious
09. cocoon cocoon
10. recorded autumn 1989

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