OILMEN are downtown economists, making stripped-back-down-low music for the minimalists out there. Champions of rhythm and skronk, they are variously enamoured of post-punk, hard bop, dirty blues, hip-hop, grime, straight-up pop, no wave, new wave, R&B, and noise rock. The trio features Carruthers on baritone guitar & vocals, Zak Weppelin on drums & vocals & BB Cash on sax vocals. Their debut 12 Inch 'Tremendous Menace / Expect Excellence!' is due to be released on Adaadat on April the 23rd.

First mooted in Berlin in 2015 with just the name and an idea, OILMEN achieved physical form in London in late 2017 when three old comrades, formerly of Bristol swing-jazz-noise-rock quintet The Wailingest Cats, found themselves in the same city again. Originally conceived as a skeletal noise-blues project with hints of Kafka, Kraftwerk and Shellac, the scope expanded to incorporate a broader range of influences including British surrealist humour, Dr Seuss' word play, and the Dada movement's absurdist nonsense. The philosophy from the start was to prioritise enjoyment, economy, and exuberance ‐ of members, instruments, and sound ‐ above all else.

Opening track 'We Are Going to Switzerland' is both an advert for the Swiss tourist board and a monstrous piece of family vacation advice for greedy heirs and their inconveniently persistent relatives. The artwork duly presents an uncanny and nightmarish Alpine holiday scenario to match. The question is: who is the 800-pound gorilla in the hot tub?

"Their smash-up of BITING TONGUES and GALLON DRUNK is right up my sodden alley. When the razor edge of sarcasm is wielded this expertly, you'd be a fool to take your eye off the glint of the blade."
Erick Bradshaw (Maximum Rocknroll)


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ADA0062 - 12" Vinyl (Limited to 200 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks, you may have to disable your Adblocker plugin)

Side 1 :

01. we are going to switzerland
02. o.i.l.m.e.n. song
03. chain of infection
04. knuckle walk

Side 2 :

01. boss girl
02. adams mammoth
03. man in search of brain
04. tub of guts

Credits :

All songs/instruments by OILMEN.
TREMENDOUS MENACE recorded/engineered by Sean Woodlock August 2019 at Hackney Road Studios.
EXPECT EXCELLENCE! recorded/engineered by James A. Holland June 2018 at Courtney Pope.
Mixed/mastered by King Knut Jonas Sellevold.
Mastered for vinyl by Joe Caithness Mastering.
Vinyl pressed by WMfono.
Artwork by James A. Holland.

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