Masters  -  Acid Witch Mountain

A hallucinatory soundtrack to mystical western, 'Acid Witch Mountain' the début album from Masters, summons sharp guitars, bright brass and atypical percussions in an instrumental ritual between rock and experimentation. The project was conceived by London based artists and former Agaskodo Teliverek members Christos Fanaras and M.K. Hauser aka Miklos Kemecsi. Originally released as an ultra limited edition of 59 leather bound CD's in 2011. 'Acid Witch Mountain' is now due to be re-released in April 2014 in the form of a double vinyl album, as a co-release between Adaadat and French imprint Ego Twister.

Miklos Kemecsi is of Hungarian and Swedish descent, he formed art rock outfit Agaskodo Teliverek in 2005. They went on to release two albums and a seven inch on Adaadat and extensively toured the UK & Europe sharing the stage with acts like Les Georges Leningrad, Trencher, DAT Politics, Kap Bambino, J.G. Thirlwell, Max Tundra and Lightning Bolt. Culminating in a performance supporting Siouxsie Sioux at the BBC Electric Proms in 2007. Miklos Kemecsi also works as a visual artist under the nom de plume M.K. Hauser.

Christos Fanaras originally from Greece has been performing under the name Jack Shirt since 2006, and has recorded and released 7 solo CDR albums on his own imprint Down Is Up. He also played bass guitar in Agaskodo Teliverek, bass and synth in Mothlite, drums in hypnagogic anti-band Temper Temper, and is currently a member of Moon Ra. He has shared the stage with musicians such as Alexander Tucker, Charles Hayward, Adam Bohman, Carla Bozulich, Alex Ward and Steve Noble and with bands such as Die Munch Machine, Grumbling Fur, Time and Sunday Mourning.

'Acid Witch Mountain' features guest appearances from Thomas Fuglesang (Gum Takes Tooth), Simon Balthazar & Leon Beckingham (Fanfarlo), Joel Cahen (Newtoy), Kenichi Iwasa (Blood Music/Chrome Hoof), David Aird (Vindicatrix), Achilleas A (The Dandy Warhols), and Daniel Lea (Golden Hum).

"Acid Witch Mountain is a totemic piece of work - a long form piece conceived as the soundtrack to a mind-bending occultish film that hasn't been filmed as yet. Featuring extensive orchestration and more avant garde techniques (drone, cut-up, electronics) this record sits in the listener's headspace like a monolithic, scientifically-enhanced soundworld, a starkly beautiful place that can weep with pathos like the best of the constellation roster but also brood with menace. Emotion pours from every track here and there's a meticulous attention to detail which is a joy to experience." Michael Kasparis (Rough Trade)

"A film score to a movie that doesn't exist. It will leave you scared, while I jump into a cab to a fashionable East London venue that I won't be let into." Tom Ravenscroft (New Statesman)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)


01. awakening
02. new mountains rising
03. premonitions


01. the fourth
02. hahkethomemah / the gathering / return of the magi
03. sabbath moon
04. premonition 2


01. trumpets of war / cataclysm
02. the swamps of eternity
03. ekpyrosis / the procession / valour and ecstasy / aftermath

All music written, directed and produced by MaSterS.
Masters are M.K. Hauser & Christos Fanaras.
Recorded at Down Is Up.
Drums and gong recorded at Golden Hum studios.
Mastered by Yann Jaffiol at My studio, Nantes.
Album artwork and graphic design by Lachlann Rattray.

Guest musicians who contributed to Acid Witch Mountain :

Thomas Fuglesang : drums on all tracks except 'Return of the magi', 'Premonitions 2' & 'The swamps of eternity', piano on 'Hahkethomemah'.
Simon Balthazar : clarinet on 'Awakening' & alto sax on 'Ekpyrosis / The procession / Valour and ecstasy / Aftermath'.
Leon Beckingham : trumpet on 'Awakening' & 'Trumpets of war / Cataclysm'.
Kenichi Isawa : percussion on 'Hahkethomemah'.
Joel Cahen : trumpet on 'Ekpyrosis / The procession / Valour and ecstasy / Aftermath'.
David Aird : tuba on 'Awakening', 'The swamps of eternity & on 'Ekpyrosis / The procession / Valour and ecstasy / Aftermath'.
Achilleas A : trumpet on 'New mountains rising'.
Daniel Lea : bowed gong on 'Premonitions 2'.

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