Yan Hart-Lemonnier -Le Partage Des Griefs


'Le Partage Des Griefs' is a 12" album of introspective synth-centric ambiance from Gallic songster Yan Hart-Lemonnier. Darker and a bit more serious than his previous work. The title which translates as 'The Sharing of Grievances' alludes to a heartfelt attempt to communicate states of mind difficult relate into words. Hart-Lemonnier has been active since the early 2000's releasing music under several monikers including; Edmünd Prinz, Edmond Leprince and Sir Edmund Et L'Autre (in conjunction with Aurelie Merle), on various record labels including; Darling Dada, You Are Not Stealing Records, GOZombie, Flan Records as well as his own imprint Ego Twister, which he ran from 2004-2015. This record is due for release on Adaadat on Valentines Day 2020.

"It has this upbeat electronic sound to it where it would ideal to move to it but it's not overly techno in an unce unce way. Each tone rings through with as much importance as the one before it. There is a space sense to this all as well, as if we're going to journey on another planet." Joshua Macala (Raised by Gypsies)

"Now this is quite something else, an echo from a lost decade, the vintage exquisite, the tailoring simply sublime arriving toned in a celestial chic, an oceanic lunar lost in beautiful isolation emitting love note transmissions into the galactic voids, arresting doesn't do it justice."
Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience)

Yan Hart-Lemonnier - Le Partage Des Griefs

ADA0061 - 12" Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

Side 1 :

01. a quoi vous servait l'espoir de toute façon
02. baphomet beach club
03. bonapétibandabruti
04. le partage des griefs

Side 2 :

01. l'homme qui avait réinventé la poudre
02. la grosse banane
03. je chérirai vos idéaux esseulés jusqu'à votre retour
04. tout le monde sait mieux que toi

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