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 Christos Fanaras  -  Impermanence

'Impermanence' is a new album from Christos Fanaras it follows in the lineage of Greek ambient pioneers, like Vangelis and Iasos only with an emphasis on deep dark brooding soundscapes and space-age melancholia. It is due for release on CD spring 2014 on Adaadat. Christos Fanaras has been performing under the name Jack Shirt since 2006, and has recorded and released 7 solo CDR albums on his own imprint Down Is Up. He also played bass guitar in Agaskodo Teliverek , bass and synth in Mothlite, drums in hypnagogic anti-band Temper Temper, and is currently a member of Moon Ra and Masters. He has shared the stage with musicians such as Alexander Tucker, Charles Hayward, Adam Bohman, Carla Bozulich, Alex Ward and Steve Noble and with bands such as Die Munch Machine, Grumbling Fur, Time and Sunday Mourning.

"An hour long meditation in the grandest tradition of Klaus Shulze, Cosmic Jokers, Conrad Plank and other synth fetishists. 'impermanence' is a deeply atmospheric piece recorded exclusively on vintage, analogue synthesizers. the soundscape ranges from deep trenches of space inflected with melodic strains, picked out like the music of the spheres, to colossal white noise pillars of monophonic slabs. taken as a whole there's a unique atmosphere that binds the shards of analogue sound together." Michael Kasparis (Rough Trade)

"A fantastic collage of everything in the artist's head, all tumbling out and wired-up wrong. This is an album steeped in the experimentalism of Krautrock and really fucked-up folksike, the sorta thing that would get a release in the mid-70s, leaving everyone completely confused, later to become something of a cult classic" Electric Roulette

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01. impermanence

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