'Driverless-Human' is the debut cassette release from Hylopath a new project from trans-disciplinary artist Rupert Cole. It is an album that explores the unfelt, human-machine relationships and artificial consciousness via the medium of outsider electro-pop and ventriloquised computer generated voices. Cole has been active since the late 80's, performing, collaborating & curating with artists such as Gugum Gumbira, Jarvis Cocker, Martin 'Youth' Glover, Trevor Wishart and Martin Howse. Also composing music and sound for a number of films including for the director Constantine Giannaris. Cole is also a former member of 'Physical Digital' performance group Artificial Paradises. His music has also been previously released on Underwood Audio.

The release of this cassette coincides with an the launch of a new art-space and ongoing exhibition called Hylopath Apparatus, taking place at the location of the former Dolphin Pub at 85a Redchurch Street. Opening on Thursday April 4th, and subsequent Sundays with viewings by appointment.


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ADA0057 - Cassette (Limited to 100 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks, you may have to disable your Adblocker plugin)

Side 1 :

01. bike wheel
02. take part
03. external link
04. laughing gas
05. john and dawn
06. 0415_1357_2

Side 2 :

01. officer at the door
02. george ventriloquised
03. rather than say goodbye
04. take the biscuit
05. souvenirs
06. cruel

Credits :

All Words, Music & Production by Rupert Cole

Links :

Rupert Cole

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