'No Master Dynamics' is a 12" album of Skweee inspired Squashed Rap from Glaswegian composer and sound artist Germlin aka Joe Howe. This record also features vocal appearances from Kiki Hitomi from King Midas Sound and conceptual artist Hardeep Pandhal.

Joe Howe released his debut album 'Youth Pixxel' under the alter ego Germlin on Adaadat back in 2006. He has gone on to release music on numerous other imprints including; Sound Pellegrino, Darla, Upset the Rhythm, Lo Recordings, Musique Large, Dødpop and #Feelings. In addition to his solo work, Joe's discography is filled with numerous collaborative projects including; the Lo-Fi electronic duo Gay Against You, instrumental drum and synthesiser outfit Ben Butler and Mousepad, Frearson Howe a collaboration with visual artist Annabel Frearson. In addition to the albums Sunbutler and Joemus both produced in-conjunction with Edinburgh's anti-Morrissey Nick Currie aka Momus (Creation Records/Analog Baroque).

Joe currently plays saxophone in a new band called Banana Oil, that sound something like 'The Mothers of Invention without all the toxic masculinity', they have a cassette recently released on Winning Sperm Party.

"A refreshing mix of all these influences: It's got heavy bass, juicy funk, slomo skweee tempos and charming synth work."
Alexander Horne (Resident Advisor)

"So I'm eager to check out what he's all about. Seems the answer to that is bouncing about like an emo off his ritalin while making a racket like a blender full of frogs being hurled down some stairs. It's rather impressive. Of course, being such a sharp hipster, Germlin eschews the constraints of the stage preferring to perform on ground level with the audience. As a result, I can't make out what he's doing to cause the noise. And, I'm fascinated to know how."
Tony Kiernan (Is This Music?)

12" Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

SIDE 1 :

01. yawn!
02. a rollerskating jam named japan
03. tricorder in sneaker
04. hashya alright
05. negative ease

SIDE 2 :

01. arp chop
02. chainscooter
03. i'm selling molly
04. airdrop slime
05. scrap brain
06. cuts 'n' scratches

All music written and produced by Joe Howe

'Hashya Alright' features vocals by Kiki Hitomi
'I'm Selling Molly' features vocals by Hardeep Pandhal

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