DunningWebsterUnderwood perform improvised music, avoiding conventional playing of their respective instruments: Turntable, baritone saxophone and tuba. Artist Graham Dunning uses a single turntable with dubplates of field recordings, dentistry tools and other objects to create crackling textures, tones and disjointed noise. Colin Webster is a prolific and experimental improviser who brings a palette of percussive and textural sounds, drawn tones, and raw, searing blasts. Sam Underwood is a musician, producer and instrument maker playing brass rasp and deep, drone, doom layers.

In August DunningWebsterUnderwood will be performing at Full of Noises Festival in Barrow-in-Furness, and Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire.

CD Due for release September 2015.

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. dustbleedblip
02. lavaeclustercore
03. mootmiasmaballast
04. grapefleckserpent
05. pisstwentysift
06. tarnlavadust
07. kanineliceyard
08. ghoulnimbusdart
09. tinyskeindot
10. tuskscabstems
11. driftyoklang

Graham Dunning - turntable & effects
Colin Webster - Baritone Saxophone
Sam Underwood - Tuba
Recorded at Shallow End Studios, Worcestershire.
Artwork by Sam Underwood.

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Graham Dunning
Colin Webster
Sam Underwood

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