'PSS4' is a new album of psychedelic noise from suburban freeware electronica geek, occasional MC and Korean flute playing field-recording Tokyo resident Simon Petre aka DJ Topgear. Its due for release on CD spring 2014 on Adaadat. PSS is short for protect short samples, a reference to a traumatising experience involving a hard drive. PSS1 & PSS2 were released by Animal Fact Records and PSS3 was self-released to friends in the form of an ultra-limited cassette. Together with Hikaru Tsunematsu (CDR) under the moniker Auaua, Petre has released an album called 'The Album of Auaua' on Grindcore Karaoke. As Onthema he released a 12" EP called 'Sticks and Bits' on the German imprint Underscan. Simon Petre was also a member of spaz pop trash electronic rave grime duo Wang Wang Gou alongside Katkuns (Debbie Ding).

"Disgustingly horrible, torrid and grinding - My experience with this music has left me barely capable of describing it - just sort it out. Two albums worth of utterly, shockingly, unfeelingly bleak barrenness produced by the inimitably utter - for it is he - Disc Jockey of the highest speed, putting the pedal to the metal, boiling hot like a kettle. Did you dream it would lead to this, a full hour of ignominy, ladies - I give you - the DJ Topgear." Richard Harrison (Animal Fact)

"Mr. Simon Petre has concocted a true original, something that is as imaginative as anatomical. Its childlike at times and can also act as a electronic decoder slash scanning system for treated sound diagrams that are only secretly unlocked via infra-red." T.J Norris (Igloomag)

"DJ TOPGEAR drags UK garage into some sort of sordid swamp..." Thomas Blatchford (Drowned in Sound)

DJ Topgear

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. catty secretary
02. semi articular optoid malfunction
03. pecking order display
04. triptych grey blur jam tokyo
05. carbine imbroglio
06. swollen crymph rotten
07. fitful diarama lacking warmth
08. cosmic pollution
09. red brick wall
10. inconsolable allegorical warp
11. hermetic soul space
12. fake visual touch screen vending machine

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