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"The vibrational or wave-like nature of all things has long been sensed by the mystics, seers and shamans of all ages and is now a scientific reality. There is a well of mysterious information hinting at a prior knowledge and use of certain 'chosen frequencies' for purposes covering all fields of existence. Much of it is the realm of speculation and enquiry, the phenomena, however, is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest in the fields of science, music, metaphysics, healing, philosophy, well-being and recreation. This here DVD presents 9 creative works based around a set of chosen frequencies affecting the Body, Mind and Spirit and performed by a host of contemporary artists, mystics, seers and shamans."

Chosen Frequencies (for the Body, Mind, Spirit) is a DVD by Mark Wagner, due for release on Adaadat in October 2016. Mark Wagner is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is steeped in Mysticism and focuses primarily on waveform phenomena. He has been active since 2006, working individually as well as in collaborative projects including S&M, H.U.M., Moon RA and AHRKH Wagner. Chosen Frequencies also features contributions from Oli Don, Emilliano Maggi, Christos Fanaras, Alex Macarte, Robert Truscott, Gordon Watson, Lani Rocillo and Rob Face. This DVD release focuses around the study, use, and creative interpretation of a selection of mythical and powerful frequencies and resonance experiments. At a crossroads between sound healing, sonic ritual, experimental art and drone music, Chosen Frequencies is, for the rational minded a potent enquiry into the physics of resonance and vibrational phenomena and for the more intuitive feeling can serve as an all out transportation method into alternate realms of consciousness.

Mark Wagner will be in residency at the Islington Mill in Salford from the 27th of September til October 4th. The residency will be part exhibition, part laboratory, part interactive workshops and experiments working on resonance, cymatics, sound healing and other sonic science. Culminating in an all day event on October 2nd, which will feature a Sound Bath by Lani Rocillo, Music for Meditation by AHRKH Wagner, installation by Romvelope, and special guests performing Chosen Frequencies live.

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Tracklist & Information : (Click on the titles to play the audio)

01.   528Hz   (Featuring Mark Wagner)   (12:27)

528Hz has been called the 'Love frequency' or 'frequency of Miracles' by certain contemporary sound healers. It is said to be a powerful frequency that triggers well-being and positive emotion, while other speculations link it to the frequency of primordial creation, or the mysterious sound that is able to 'heal' all things. It is central to the Solfeggio scale advanced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a sound healing researcher. The frequency is further reported to have been used by visionary scientist John Hutchinson in helping purify the polluted waters of the gulf of Mexico crisis. It is also said to have helped in DNA repair and regenerative surgery.

02.   936Hz   (Featuring Mark Wagner)   (9:37)

936Hz is referred to as 'Pineal Eye Activator', it is associated with the resonant frequency of the brain's Pineal Gland or 'Third Eye'. In Western society the gland is considered of no use or 'dormant'. In Eastern cultures and Hinduism a great deal of consideration goes into the opening and upkeep of the Pineal Eye from a young age. It is said that certain chants (around 115Hz which is multiple octaves down) aid in the opening or 'decalcification' of the gland and are associated with spiritual awakening and awareness. The small gland that resembles a pinecone is located in the lower center of the brain roughly at the height of the central forehead. The seventeenth century philosopher and scientist René Descartes, dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, calling it the 'principal seat of the soul'.

03.   432Hz   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Oli Don)   (13:36)

432Hz is said to be the inherent frequency to which nature is tuned. In recent years, the frequency has drawn much attention, leading to many a conspiracy theories relating to the choice of nationalized tunings. 432Hz was branded 'Ra tuning' by Alan Howarth composer and researcher whose studies and calculations were made to conceive of a tuning around Phi, mimicking the mathematical architecture of the King's chamber inside the great Pyramid. 432Hz was later suggested to be in accordance with nature's fundamental tuning. This translates as a common pitch or harmonic found in the animal kingdom including bird song, whale sirens and the drone of bees. A=432Hz was used by Pythagoras in his scale as in those of many traditional, classical, Oriental and Eastern music. Oli Don is a London based artist whose drone work as Flight features transcendental guitar and e-bow minimalism.

04.   111Hz   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Emilliano Maggi)   (8:02)

111Hz is the resonant frequency around which the Oracle chamber of the Hypogeum site Malta is said to have been built. The megalithic temples of Malta are among the oldest freestanding structures on earth dating as far back as 700 - 3600 BC. Similar resonant dynamics are found in other sacred sites, temples and chambers dotted around the world. Wayland's Smithy, Chun Quoite in the UK and Carbane West and Newgrange in Ireland are all reported to have chambers with acoustic properties close to 111Hz. The chambers were supposedly used for chanting at frequencies incorporating 110 & 111Hz and said to help in the integration of the left and right hemispheres / duality of the brain thus favoring a balance in consciousness and spiritual harmony. 111Hz is also considered to favor creation in the brain of beta endorphins earning it claims as a sonic sedative. Emilliano Maggi aka Estasy is a Roman artist, 'oddity' and Magician. His work is known for its unique occult theatrics.

05.   White Noise   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Christos Fanaras)   (4:19)

White Noise is the amalgamation of many or all frequencies of sound simultaneously. It is used in recording to mask certain specific frequencies. It is used in medicine to help with sleep, to calm newborns and to help with attention deficit. White Noise is said to substitute the natural sound of wind, rain, cascades and so on… Cosmic Noise comes from the electromagnetic waves emitted by Quasars, debris, and other densities in space, some of these waves being as old as the universe itself. It is thus said that a fraction of cosmic noise acts as a relic of the 'Big Bang' or 'Beginning'. A small portion to the extent of roughly 3% of Cosmic Noise is picked up by modern appliances such as static TV, receivers and microphones. Christos Fanaras (Masters, Elephant House) is an ambient / electronic musician of Greek heritage who works mainly with analogue synthesisers.

06.   Aum   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Alex Macarte)   (7:12)

Aum or Om is a sacred sound, Spiritual symbol and mantra. It is suggested to be the primordial sound, the 'Word', Logos or Mystical syllable from which all things came forth. The first wave in our cosmic ocean. It is one of the most powerful and important concepts of Hinduism and the Dharmic religions, and refers to the Arman (soul or self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, truth, divine Spirit, cosmic principle.) When read, said, toned or sang, Aum is said to celebrate and 'tap into' the creative powers of the universe. The Aum finds a visual counterpart in the Sri Yantra emblem comprised of 9 interlacing triangles that form a powerful grid pattern said to hold archetypal resonance. Aum chanting is still used and practiced by many cultures and represents one of the most accessible forms of sound and vibrational healing. Alex Macarte (Gnod, Ahrkh, Manatees) is a musician and artist. His practice aims at consciousness expansion via experimental sound-craft.

07.   Schumann Resonance   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Robert Truscott)   (6:21)

Schumann resonances are the set of global electromagnetic frequencies occurring from the Earth with the conductive ionosphere acting as a closed waveguide and excited at all times by lighting discharges around the world. Schuman Resonances appear at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.83 Hz (fundamental),14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33Hz. It is intricately and fundamentally linked to the organization of all biological systems on Earth and studies have shown that deprivation of Schumann Resonance creates irregularities and chaotic physiological rhythms. For instance, early astronauts suffered until Schumann Resonance generators were installed in their spaceships. It is further speculated that homeostasis, geomagnetic fluctuations, bird flight, insect navigation and brainwave transmission or 'Psi' are all dependent on and affected by the Schumann Resonance. Robert Truscott is a versatile artist whose vocal work ranges from acting, singing or master of ritual and ceremony.

08.   F#   (Featuring Mark Wagner, Gordon Watson & Rob Face)   (14:37)

F# is the tone or chord at which the King's chamber in the great pyramids of Giza is said to resonate. This is caused by the huge overheard granite beams having specific resonant notes forming the F# chord. The beams do not appear to have any structural properties. Research in the astounding acoustics of the great pyramids have led many a scientist, researchers and engineers to speculate wondrous sonic purposes to the pyramids. Some say the King's chamber may have been used to amplify the sound of ritual chant in order to induce altered states of consciousness while others suggest the pyramids to have been a sort of giant bell with the earth serving as the hammer or trigger for colossal vibrational output. It has been reported that ancient Egyptians associated the F# chord with the natural harmonics of the earth and it was found that Native American sacred flute makers also tuned their instruments to the key of F#. Gordon Watson is a London based musician and rock n' roll warlock best known for his bands Terminal Cheesecake and Luminous Bodies. Rob Face is an artist and designer who works with traditional instruments as well as tone generators and electronics.

09.   Shamanic Drumming   (Featuring Mark Wagner & Lani Rocillo)   (5:39)

Shamanic drumming is considered one of the oldest methods of transcendence and healing. A Shaman or shamanic practitioner may use the drum to address any number of health issues including trauma, addiction, and disharmony. Additionally, the shamanic techniques of journeying, shape-shifting, and divination can all be performed with the drum. Shamans have acquired the realization of the universe as made of vibrational energy; a single, flowing, rhythmic being. As such, the entire universe can be influenced through the tuning and rhythms of shamanic drumming. The Shamanic drum is a tool for altering the vibrational state of the Shaman and /or the patient or community. It is said that the effects produced on the brain are those of the low bandwidth theta waves, the same brain rhythms have been studied in association with hypnosis and dream states. Lani Rocillo is a sound healer and Shaman who performs sound baths, gongs and vocal 'channellings' to extraordinary effect.

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