'CDR vs DJ TOPGEAR' is a split 12" record of acid-tinged breakcore due for release in November on Adaadat.

Since 1999 CDR aka Tokyo based noise/breakcore/chiptune artist Hikaru Tsunematsu has released over one hundred records on numerous labels such as; 19-T, BRK, Maltine Records, Chipdripdrops, No Kore, Otherman Records, Amenorea, Dance Corps, Proc Records, Cuntroll, Cock Rock Disco, Merryworks, Dance Corps, and Tsundere Violence. Hikaru, has also recorded under numerous aliases (both solo and collaborative) including; Amen Junky, Amenomix, Casio Roland, DJ Psilocube Disc Recordable, GBR, Auaua, Gunslinger R, RDC, Zr3a and デビスコCDR. He also runs his own imprint called RDC Records.

Simon Petre aka DJ Topgear is a suburban freeware electronica geek, occasional MC and Korean flute playing field-recording Tokyo resident, releasing music on Adaadat and Animal Fact Records. Together with Hikaru Tsunematsu (CDR) under the moniker Auaua, Petre has released an album called 'The Album of Auaua' on Grindcore Karaoke. As Onethema he released a 12" EP called 'Sticks and Bits' on the German imprint Underscan. Simon Petre was also a member of spaz pop trash electronic rave grime duo Wang Wang Gou alongside Katkuns (Debbie Ding).

"CDR offers here a good introduction to (some) of the sounds and manners of a genre in constant flux. Far from derivative, playing with and twisting the open source of the given code, this music comes out as mischievous and fun." Jacob Arnold (Gridface)

"CDR - For sure my favorite Japanese breakcore artist. He does a lot of really weird shows, sometimes i think theres something wrong with him but he makes good music" Kilsr (Science Breakz)

"Mr. Simon Petre has concocted a true original, something that is as imaginative as anatomical. Its childlike at times and can also act as a electronic decoder slash scanning system for treated sound diagrams that are only secretly unlocked via infra-red." T.J Norris (Igloomag)

"I can't work out this music at all... I dont know why anyone would call themselves DJ Topgear, but its great." Ed Baxter (Resonance FM)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

Side 1 : (CDR)

01. soumatou
02. ebi

Side 2 : (DJ Topgear)

01. bring it tokyo
02. dedicated cdr flex

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