CDR - Acid Waltz


'Acid Waltz' is a CD album of 'Acidcore' music from prolific Tokyo-based noise/breakcore/chiptune artist CDR aka Hikaru Tsunematsu. It is due for release in October on Adaadat.

Hikaru has also recorded under numerous aliases (both solo and collaborative) including; Amen Junky, Amenomix, Casio Roland, DJ Psilocube Disc Recordable, GBR, Auaua, Gunslinger R, RDC, Zr3a and デビスコCDR. Since 1999 Hikaru has released over one hundred records on numerous labels such as; 19-T, BRK, Maltine Records, Chipdripdrops, No Kore, Otherman Records, Amenorea, Dance Corps, Proc Records, Cuntroll, Cock Rock Disco, Merryworks, Dance Corps, and Tsundere Violence. He also runs his own imprint called RDC Records.

"CDR offers here a good introduction to (some) of the sounds and manners of a genre in constant flux. Far from derivative, playing with and twisting the open source of the given code, this music comes out as mischievous and fun." Jacob Arnold (Gridface)

"The Japanese avant-garde scene gets a lot of press worldwide, so why not the Japanese underground? CDR is a prime example as to why they should. He has a unique penchant for adrenaline-pumping beatfuckery, and is perfectly capable of backing this up with his good ear for melody. Yet, sadly, he remains virtually unknown in the good old U. S. of A, with only two of his many releases being easy to find over here. Much like Shpongle and the Jvox album "Shuffling Data," CDR is just plain too good to be overlooked like this. Breakcore fans and otakus, check this kid out." MadMusicBox (Discogs)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. malts
02. acid hell
03. for you
04. tsutsuji kouen
05. acid a3
06. bレァk
07. acid waltz
08. acid a1
09. acid a2
10. what is edm
11. acid a16
12. too much monster energy
13. acid hell (version 2)
14. for you (acid version)
15. acid a4
16. fin

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