Romvelope - Bespoke Action Plantation


'Bespoke Action Plantation' is a new album from London-based experimental musician and sound artist Bjørn Hatleskog aka ROMVELOPE. His work explores the nature of feedback loops, noise and interference, and is located somewhere between electro acoustic music and sound sculptural bricolage. All the sounds present were generated through a series of experiments conducted over the last few years in the development of his sound installations. The recordings which involve amongst other things electromagnetic interference, processed feedback, solenoid percussion, robotically controlled slide projectors, prepared homemade guitars and reed organs, were subsequently edited and layered. Bjørn Hatleskog has recorded under the monikers Romvelope and Kema Keur. He was also a member of live art/noise performance group Le Couteau Jaune. Although associated mainly with his own label Adaadat, he has also released music on other labels including Benbecula, Seed, Rolax and Invitro.

Bjørn Hatleskog's installation work is on display at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on the 15th of November and in London at MKII on December the 7th.

"Romvelope provide an intensely satisfying conglomeration of chopped bits and diced pieces... Dissolve any notion of random button-pushing, and dissuade yourself from assuming you've pinned this one down until the final non-notes pass by. " Grant 'Gumshoe' Purdum (Tiny Mix Tapes)

"It makes sense to me that the amount of cacophony churned out by noisesome experimentalist ROMVELOPE (otherwise known as Bjorn Hatleskog), must surely have its origins in the infernal cacophone. But as any well-grounded cove surely knows, this instrument does not exist in our dimension and we are thankfully spared its terrible beauty." Simon Lewis (Ptolemaic Terrascope)

"The ROMVELOPE is a semi-autonomous creation with toy turntables, a self strumming guitar and various other features that can be set up and left to their own devices for a bit. Not sure if that's exactly true, but it'd be cool if it was." Byron Coley (The Wire)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. bespoke action plantation
02. fanfaronade
03. busilacchio breakout
04. four million nirvana fans
05. bay area of pigs
06. ambrosial pavillion
07. zenzizenzizenzic
08. hodmandod
09. childrens marching song
10. phantom fleet
11. hertzian snow cone

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