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'Sonic Kitchen' is an album by KAYAKA aka Kaya Kamijo, an experimental/noise/electronica composer and performer, born in Tokyo and based in London and Berlin. She plays electronic and acoustic instruments including harp, bass clarinet, drums, bass guitar and gadgets and has a unique, autodidactic style of composing and recording. Her music is sometimes called 'sonic surrealism' and is often mixed with 'living-life-noise'. KAYAKA collaborates with numerous artists from all around the world and her live sets are mostly improvised, producing different results on each unique performative occasion. She is self educated in London, apart from piano lessons and brass band practices when she was a child in Tokyo. She has released music on Zeromoon, Ostroga, Mantile, Asimtria, Amp Recs, Spirals Of Involution and Neigh% Records. She also runs her own imprint called Pighole Records.

KAYAKA will be performing together with John Higgins at the Contra Pop festival in Ramsgate on August 21st.

"Truly moving and beautiful music, at times as alien and unsettling as the best electronic tones you could wish for, and through her understated juxtapositions she arrives at a form of sonic surrealism. She plays with the unfettered joy of a child with a large paintbox colouring everything that moves in red and purple shapes, and the world around her becomes magically transformed when she blows her instrument. KAYAKA's sheer love of life is what impresses us most strongly on these instant compositions, and her determined primitive creative strengths make a mockery of more refined musicians with their swanky improvising and composing ways. What a total delight!"
Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector)

CD Due for release September 2015.

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks)

01. dream
02. pickled tango
03. hungarian rhapsodist
04. beyond pimpkin
05. piper's rats
06. I have a hungry parasite
07. tropic of cancer
08. who knows amelia
09. sing me a song

All music & production recorded in Berlin 2013 by Kaya Kamijo.
Artwork by John Franklin Higgins.

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